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Sequim Picklers-Reduced Price for Silver Membership Level Extended

In January of this year Sequim Picklers was presented with a challenge to close the funding gap for the new courts.  There were a number of facets to the challenge, based on incentive, reward and acknowledgement.  The kicker in the challenge was that the grantor offered a match for those pledging at the Silver, or $1,000 level.   Essentially, due to the challenge match, a Silver level membership only cost $834 instead of $1,000 (a “reward” of $167).  The challenge proved successful beyond our wildest dreams.  In less than 3 weeks 86 members pledged (and subsequently gave) $54,239.  The membership stepped up and took ownership of the cost of the new courts, and that is why we are all looking forward to an awesome play venue in 2018.

Since expiration of the challenge grant, SP membership has continued to increase.  The SP Board recently voted to extend the reduced price for Silver level membership in order to encourage new players to be a part of funding the new courts and reap the associated benefits.  This reduced price extension is now available to about 50 players, but it will lapse at the end of December, 2017. 

Just think, with these additional funds we can provide, bleachers, shade canopies, water fountain, storage shed, brooms, a wine bar (just kidding), squeegees etc., and of course the pride you will have of being a part of such a great endeavor.

If you are already a Bronze member, an additional $334 will bump you up to Silver.  If you have not yet committed to helping fund these courts, you can save $167 by making that commitment now with a payment of $834.  Keep in mind this is a lifetime investment in your pickleball future!

As a reminder, here is a recap of the benefits if you choose to take advantage of this temporary price reduction for Silver level membership:

  • No annual dues FOREVER (which may be $100 annually once the new courts are operational)
  • No pay-to-play FOREVER.  You can play for FREE FOREVER! (It is anticipated that players below the Bronze level will pay $5 per play session.  If you play twice a week for 40 weeks that is already $400 annually.)
  • Free league play FOREVER.
  • Permanent acknowledgement at the courts that you helped make these courts a reality.

 For more information and payment terms contact Club Treasurer Katinka Nanna (katinka@nikola.com)


Ferry Boats + Kettle Corn = Money for the Courts

It’s an odd combination, but it works!  

Washington State Ferry riders ate $14,159 worth of Kettle Corn giving the Sequim Picklers over $7,310 toward the construction of pickleball courts in Carrie Blake Park.

This fundraiser, organized by our hard working Pickleball Facilities Committee took place over 2 weekends: April 2 and 3, 2016 and Aug 6 and 7, 2016. 

The Kettle Corn was provided by Casey’s Kettle Corn in Sequim, WA.  

This was our most profitable fundraiser so far and we want to THANK the Washington State Ferry System for giving us the opportunity!

Also, a big THANK YOU to Walmart for letting us sell our leftover Kettle Corn in front of the Sequim store. 




Applebees Fundraiser 2016 – What a Great Event!!

Event Date:  September 17, 2016 at 8:00


plate of food


Tickets Sales (210)                           $2,215.00
Silent Auction/Tips/Donations   $1,140.00
Cost of Breakfasts                  ($1,205.00)
Misc Supplies/Auction                  ($18.42)
NET PROFIT                $2,131.58  to court construction!

Big THANK YOU to all the Volunteers that made this such a SUCCESS!!


Dave Katz 
Pamela Thoman
Christy Marazon
Cherry Bibler
Marc Connelly
Jan Tatom
Bea Albarado


Rich Bemm