2017 Sequim Picklers Club Annual Meeting – June 11!!


**Annual Meeting**

  • DAY:            Sunday, June 11
  • TIME:          1:00 – 5:00
  • LOCATION:  Pioneer Memorial Park, Prairie Garden Club
  • RSVP:          No need to RSVP, just show up and have a great time!

The Sequim Picklers Annual Meeting will include the election of Officers and Board members for the coming year. You get to vote along with an update on the Construction progress and a comment period. Needless to say, this is an important year for the Club. Going forward, we all need to be involved.

As you enter, Sharman Owings has donated an original painting for a drawing! Just drop your name in the box and hope you’re the winner. Make a donation to help offset the cost of the venue.


Enter your favorite enchilada recipe! We will have 5 judges. Please make enough that they can taste and the rest of the club can taste too. You will know who the judges are by their crazy badges and they will take money bribes! All collected will go toward building the courts, of course. The winners will be announced at the Party. First place will receive a trophy made by our own Ross Brown. Second place, a bag of pickleballs. All entries must be labeled with main ingredients, no names/anonymous. Please let us know if you plan to enter. Yummo!  


Katinka has donated a Keg of beer again this year! Thank you!

Please bring your favorite dishes with serving utensils for the potluck.

  • Last names ending with A – R, bring a side dish or salad.
  • Last names ending with S – Z, bring a dessert.
  • Chips, Salsa, Coffee and water will be provided.
  • BYO Drinks.
  • We will be eating first to ensure food stays warm, so don’t be late.


Bring your wallet. We have new, very cool, SEQUIM PICKLERS T-shirts for sale. Don’t miss out on getting one and show your pride. Only $20.00


Richard Cary has some surprises up his sleeve for some great games. Challenge your pickleball skills in new and fun ways. A Pickleball Pinata too!

Committee: Margie Rone, Robert Rankin, Sharman Owings, Ross Brown, and Richard Cary

Sequim Pickler News 02-28-2017

Member Updates as of February 28, 2017

*   NEW COURT BUILD PLANNING TEAM:  Your board has been busy planning for our upcoming court build planning meeting with the City now scheduled for March 3rd.  Our negotiating team in this effort will include Charlie Pugh, Katinka Nanna, Dave Shreffler and our architect Christiane Johnson.

*   CLALLAM COUNTY LTAC GRANT APPROVAL: Your county commissioners approved an expenditure of $34,000 for our pickleball court construction! If you have the inclination, send your district representative a quick thank-you in email about what that means to you.  Here is the link to their email page.

BE AN AWESOME PICKLER:  We have AWESOME PICKLERS volunteering to further the club efforts in many areas.  See the latest postings of those that have volunteered and positions still requiring your AWESOME expertise on our new web site Jobs Page. Have a skill or expertise to offer to the club? Email one of your board members to let us know!

The PDN and Sequim Gazette:  Recently ran an article on the Sequim Pickler effort to build new courts at Carrie Blake Park.

VALENTINES TOURNAMENT:  The Valentines Tournament finalists are posted on our Facebook web site. Visitors from Edmonds lauded the wonderful new friends they made from the Sequim Picklers and the incredible competition they met in the tournament. Special thanks to Awesome Pickler, Allison Hastings, for keeping our facebook page up to date with pictures of the winners and other topical news!

NEW CRTC PADDLE:  The CRTC sent us their latest X5 version of their new carbon fiber recycled paddle.  Ben has had this paddle available for evaluation at recent open-play periods. We have already provided the CRTC with valuable evaluations from the SP players and the CRTC has decided to donate $1000 toward the completion of our new courts!  What a great partnership we have with this new non-profit.  A photo op of this contribution may be in an upcoming PDN edition.

WEB SITE RELAUNCH:  Your communications director, Jan Tatom, and Awesome Pickler Debbie Madden have been very busy updating our web site.  They have worked hard to create a content rich and lean data site that looks great and works efficiently with your smart phone and from your home computer. Add this link to your mobile device to check the play calendar prior to heading out to play and to keep up with all the latest Sequim Pickler news! http://www.sequimpicklers.net/

New Court Lines Painted in Boys and Girls Club Gym!


QUESTION:  What makes our club really excited about a few blue lines?

ANSWER:  When those new blue lines are outlining the indoor pickleball courts at Boys and Girls Club!!

A Big Thank You to the MANY hands that showed up on Thursday, December 21 to help paint new lines in the Boys and Girls Club Gym, including new kitchen lines, so now our courts are within USAPA standards.

The lines were ‘tested’ early in the day on Monday then used for the first time ‘live’ during the Monday night league play – to high praise and gratitude!

Check out these pictures of the work party – THANK YOU to everyone that helped:



(click on the image to make them change faster)

Ron Coleman Story – 2012

FROM September 11. 2012 5:52PM

71-year-old credits ‘pickleball heroes’ for saving life

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Keith Thorpe/Peninsula Daily News
Sequim pickleball players Dave Herndon, left, and Bob Sester are credited with saving the life fellow player Ronnie Coleman, seated, who collapsed while playing the game on the courts of Sequim Community School.

By Arwyn Rice
Peninsula Daily News

SEQUIM — When Ronnie Coleman, 71, of Sequim went to his regular pickleball practice session at the Sequim Community School courts Tuesday, he sat on the sidelines, watching two men he calls his heroes.   “These guys are the men of the hour,” he said, indicating fellow players Dave Herndon, 62, and Bob Sester, 66, of Sequim.   “These are wonderful people,” he said.

He credits the two with saving his life just over two weeks ago.

On Aug. 18, Coleman was putting away his pickleball equipment and already was thinking about his next stop for the day, a trip to the barber shop. 

“I don’t remember anything else,” Coleman said.

Coleman toppled from the bench.  

Herndon’s wife saw Coleman collapse and called for the two men.Herndon, a retired paramedic, and Sester, a retired firefighter, sprang into action.They discovered Coleman’s heart had stopped and began CPR within moments.

“The amazing thing to me is when everything falls into place,” Herndon said later, recalling that day.

He ticked off the many things that went right:

— Two people who knew CPR, Herndon and Sester, were able to begin working on Coleman within seconds of his collapse.

— Clallam County Fire District No. 3 paramedics were on scene within minutes and were able to get a pulse quickly.

— Coleman was transported to a hospital where doctors were able to immediately begin the exact treatment he needed.

— Because of his physical fitness, Coleman was fit enough to bounce back quickly.

Coleman, who has had two heart bypasses in the past and passed a stress test two weeks earlier, walked out of Harrison Medical Center in Bremerton three days after his collapse with a pacemaker and implanted defibrillator.

Herndon and Sester said they were amazed and pleased by Coleman’s recovery.

After years on the job, both had seen less-than-ideal outcomes for those whom they treated.

“I called the next day to see if he was still with us,” Herndon said.

The nurse offered to put Coleman on the phone, he said.

The rescue was unlike anything the two retired professionals had experienced.

“With someone off the street you don’t know, it can be special because of their circumstances,” Sester said.

When it’s someone you know, a friend, it becomes something entirely different, he said.

Since that day, several other members of the pickleball group have taken CPR classes, and Herndon and Sester have urged more people to take classes.

Several organizations in the North Olympic Peninsula offer regular CPR classes, the two men noted.

Reporter Arwyn Rice can be reached at 360-452-2345, ext. 5070, or at arwyn.rice@peninsuladailynews.com.