Rated Round Robin Play at Carrie Blake Courts


Bea Albarado will be leading the 3.0 round robin evening, Monday’s beginning at 6PM.  First event next Monday July 9th. 

Charlie Pugh will be leading the 3.5 round robin evening, Wednesdays beginning at 6PM.  First event next Wednesday July 11.

Bruce Good will be leading the 4.0 round robin evening, Mondays beginning at 6PM.  First event July 6th.

Here is how it will work:

  • Show up at 6PM or earlier
  • Signup to get a round robin number.  
  • At 6:05PM the signups will end and the group will be closed
  • Games will be first to 9
  • Plan on playing 8 games
  • Each game you play will be with a different partner and against different opponents

Be sure to put this on your calendar and come out to play.  Cheers,  Charlie