Job Opportunities in the Club

The Sequim Picklers’ Club is growing and the opportunity to serve is growing too!  We are always seeking volunteers to assist with events, support a task, or take on a role longer term.  Please visit this page often to see what there is to do and how you can help!  Click here for Job Descriptions.


Please Contact Us if you are interested in a position.


Outdoor Court Volunteers Needed:

Fellow Picklers.  No doubt you’re all loving the new courts and recognize that they have brought new players to join us.  I appreciate your efforts to welcome the new players, explaining the fee policy and procedures, and insuring that everyone signs in.  While we appreciate all the help we can get, please make sure if you are “helping” that you are up to date on current fee schedules regarding which metal membership a member has and the rules on visitors and guests.

We are still in need of volunteers to open the courts, get things ready for the day, and then lock supplies up at the end of our time slot.  There are 18 positions and I have only nine slots filled.  All days but Tuesday and Friday need volunteers.  I have organized it so that there are two members for every day.  They can work together to create a schedule that works for both and doesn’t require that one commit to that day for the entire outdoor season.  Please consider taking a time slot that you are already planning on being there to play.  This commitment does not prevent you from playing just as you would on any other day.  You can reach me at 360-749-6633 or