Job Opportunities in the Club

The Sequim Picklers’ Club is growing and the opportunity to serve is growing too!  We are always seeking volunteers to assist with events, support a task, or take on a role longer term.  Please visit this page often to see what there is to do and how you can help!  

If you are interested, please send a brief email resume to Charlie Pugh at 

  • Be an AWESOME Sequim Pickler trainer(9/1/17):  During the summer several awesome Sequim Picklers conducted many training sessions that introduced over 50 new eager participants to the game of Pickleball. Thanks to Ruby Pugh, Mary Helen Benapfl, Richard Cary, Nicholas Holt, and George Davis for extending their expertise and time to help new players learn the game. 
    As we transition into the fall season we are seeking additional Sequim Picklers who would like to try their hand at introducing the game to new players as they drop in on Tues and Thursday afternoons at the outdoor courts.  If you would like to be one of these awesome Sequim Picklers and lend your love of the game to new players please contact Ben Sanders, Ruby Pugh, or Mary Helen Benapfl.
  • Grant Writing Support / Backup (new 03/17/17):
    There are still a few grant opportunities available during the year that we may take advantage of to help fund the court projects (construction or amenities).  We have a wonderful grant writer, JoAnne Yerkes, who continues to support this work as the primary resource.  She can use some help – both in writing and finalizing applications and serving as her back up while she is out of town.  We need an Awesome Pickler to lend a hand on Grant Writing support.
  • Sanctioned tournament Tiger Team planners: These individuals (maximum of 3) will contact the USAPA and tournament organizers around the west coast to develop a guide for how to conduct a successful national level tournament with 8 outdoor courts. Determine how many admin personnel, referees, and support personnel are required. Recommend required logistics (how many port-a-pottys, loud speakers, water, snacks). Assess how sponsors are captured by other organizers and recommend probable Sequim sponsors. Develop an implementation time line and budget that will ensure proper prior planning and success.  Review internet web based registration methodologies. Predict exactly how many registrants we should accept to be able to conduct a proper tournament over a four day period and provide a report to the SP Board.  This job is expected to take about 2-3 months. (NOTE: Planned Sanctioned Tournaments:  With new courts we plan to conduct about 2 annual sanctioned tournaments. These will be like no event we have conducted in the past and will require many months of planning.) 
  • One software researcher: This person will research stand-alone software applications suitable for keeping local tournament statistics, building round robin contests, being easy to use, and able to run on a local laptop. It must support our local tournaments and our league play. Prepare a short review of the best applications you find and provide a cost/use analysis to the SP Board. This position will last take about one month to complete.

Jobs Recently Filled (THANK YOU Awesome Picklers!)

FILLED by Dave Shreffler: One experienced expert negotiator:  This person will assist our negotiating team with completing our agreement with the City of Sequim. This agreement will lay the foundation for the Pickler contract with the City over the next 20 years. It will also determine how much money the Picklers will give to the city and under what conditions. We expect this effort to kick off in the next week or so and to last about 60 days.

FILLED by Numerous Awesome Picklers!  Ladder captains / ladder managers:  Our Director Court Operations plans to begin ladder competitions this year. If you played Tennis you may be familiar with this format. Each ladder corresponds to a skill level.  A ladder competition enables true round robins where a set ladder of individuals compete against all players. Most days you never play with the same individual. You compete against everyone in the ladder and add up the number of points you accumulate during the day. Ladder captains will set up their daily ladder pairings and collect and catalog scores for your ladder.  These positions should last about 6 months.  (watch for a special page just about the Ladder League soon!)

FILLED by Christie Marazon: Sequim Lavender Festival – Non Profit Booth Lead 

We need an Awesome Pickler willing to lead the effort to set up and run our Sequim Pickler booth at the Lavender Festival in July.  The booth has been a tradition in the past two Lavender Festivals and has brought in over $1000 each year in raffles and donations. This year’s festival will run Friday July 21st through Sunday, July 23rd.  This is a fantastic opportunity, the Lavender Festival is the largest of the year and brings people from all over the world to Sequim.  The lead will set up the booth and raffles and ensure the booth is manned during the festival.  Margie Rone has run the past booth’s and can offer advice but is unavailable this year to run the effort.

FILLED by Nicholaas Holt, Ruby Pugh, Mary Helen Benapfl, Richard Cary:  Novice Trainers:  We need two or four novice self-starter trainers. These individuals will assist Ben and eventually take over teaching new Pickleball Players on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons 3-4PM, and helping to coordinate the scheduled novice play on those same days from 3-5PM when weather permits. There is no greater reward than teaching the game we all love to those who want to learn! You will hone your own skills as you break them down and teach a group of novice players!

FILLED Assistance from Civil Engineer Requested   The City negotiating team is in need of an AWESOME pickler with a civil engineering background. Someone familiar with cut and fill processes to review our current plans. 

FILLED Assistant Director of Courts: Looking for at least two individuals to assist our Director of Courts with all of the great play options we participate in including daily open play, Boys and Girls Club play, league play, special events, and tournament play and bracket set ups. This position is expected to last about about 6 months.  FILLED: Position 1 filled by Jay Marazon (thank you!)