Job Opportunities in the Club

The Sequim Picklers’ Club is growing and the opportunity to serve is growing too!  We are always seeking volunteers to assist with events, support a task, or take on a role longer term.  Please visit this page often to see what there is to do and how you can help!  

Please Contact Us if you are interested in a position.


Board Positions Opening in June 2018:

Our Nominating Committee, Letricia F, Gary P and Gill G are searching for volunteers interested in running for the following Board positions:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director of Court Operations, Director of Communications, and Membership Chairman.  Click here for Job Descriptions. If you are interested in volunteering contact Gill at


Sanctioned Tournament Tiger Team planners:  These individuals (maximum of 3) will contact the USAPA and tournament organizers around the west coast to develop a guide for how to conduct a successful national level tournament with 8 outdoor courts. Determine how many admin personnel, referees, and support personnel are required. Recommend required logistics (how many port-a-pottys, loud speakers, water, snacks). Assess how sponsors are captured by other organizers and recommend probable Sequim sponsors. Develop an implementation time line and budget that will ensure proper prior planning and success.  Review internet web based registration methodologies. Predict exactly how many registrants we should accept to be able to conduct a proper tournament over a four day period and provide a report to the SP Board.  This job is expected to take about 2-3 months. (NOTE: Planned Sanctioned Tournaments:  With new courts we plan to conduct about 2 annual sanctioned tournaments. These will be like no event we have conducted in the past and will require many months of planning.) 

One software researcher:  This person will research stand-alone software applications suitable for keeping local tournament statistics, building round robin contests, being easy to use, and able to run on a local laptop. It must support our local tournaments and our league play. Prepare a short review of the best applications you find and provide a cost/use analysis to the SP Board. This position will last take about one month to complete.