Transitioning Play from 3rd & Fir to Carrie Blake Park (CBP)

Transitioning play from 3rd and Fir to Carrie Blake Park (CBP)

As the Sequim Picklers transition from play at 3rd and Fir and other locations around town to the new outdoor courts at CBP, here are some thoughts to consider to ensure that the Sequim Picklers are good neighbors with the Church, Skate Park, Dog Run, and Ball Players:

•When you arrive to play at the courts ensure that you park your car only in a designated parking spot available at the park. We are not authorized to utilize any of the parking spots at the church. You might consider carpooling with other players to save parking spots at the courts.

•Look for opportunities to help pick up any litter around the courts, despite which group might have generated it. There are two trash cans provided to the skate park and there will be a dedicated trash can inside the main gate of the courts. The CBP maintenance crew empties these quite frequently. If a can is overflowing let the local maintenance crew (Gary or Mike) know so they can take care of it.

•The courts have two entrances. Both are secured with level 3 security locks. The combination is available from a Board Member or Court Coordinator. The only people that should have this combination are Sequim Pickler members, CBP Docents, and CBP maintenance crew. The east entrance is the main entrance to the facility. The south facing entrance is the emergency exit and might be used for an ambulance access, but generally this entrance will remain locked.  When you leave the courts and no other club members are present, pick up all of our balls and any notebooks, paperwork, etc. and secure it in our storage box.  DO NOT LOCK THE COURTS.  Simply close the gate and leave the lock closed and secured to the chain.  The City will arrange to have the courts locked at the end of the day.

•We plan to use the same concept of operations that we used at 3rd and Fir with the locked shed. If you are the first Pickler to arrive at the courts, open the gate and open the temporary contractor box for balls. Set out the signup sheet and sign in for yourself. Then go play! No need to set up nets, fences, basketball hoops, pull weeds, etc.