Club Purpose and Mission


The purpose of the Club is to promote the sport of pickleball within the City of Sequim and the surrounding region. 


The mission of the Club is to facilitate the growth of pickleball in Sequim and Clallam County for the enjoyment, health, and social engagement of all players. Sequim Picklers (SP) will foster organized recreational and competitive play, by insuring opportunities for the continued development of all players in a friendly and sportsmanlike environment. The SP will assist in the planning and funding of construction and maintenance of pickleball courts within the City of Sequim. To reduce the financial burden of the City of Sequim and to promote the amateur sport of pickleball, the Club will conduct fundraising and educational activities including: sponsoring and conducting pickleball tournaments, offering training and lessons to the public on either a free or compensated basis and the receiving of cash donations, in-kind donations from the public and/or private organizations for the funding of courts and maintenance.