Club Newsletter July 15, 2017

Welcome to the Sequim Picklers Club Newsletter Blog Post!!          July 15, 2017

Enjoy reading about your club!   If you have questions, please contact Jan Tatom.


  • Great news on court construction.   Thanks, Charlie! 
  • Courts at Third and Fir beautiful after cleanup headed by Bob Sester. Thanks, Bob!
  • Ladies play scheduled from 9-12 on Tuesdays at Third and Fir. Thanks, Ben!
  • Men’s play scheduled for 9-12 on Thursdays at Third and Fir. Thanks, Ben!
  • Lavender Festival planning and signups underway.   Thanks, Christy!

Tidbits collected by Club Communications Director Jan Tatom


When the sun is shining bright and the lavender is in bloom, it’s time for us to ask for your help.   The Sequim Lavender Festival is just around the corner and we will be hosting our annual booth.   In the past years, we have been able to raise much needed funds for the court construction fund.   We need volunteers to help man the booth and sell raffle tickets.   Believe me when I say, it won’t be difficult with all the wonderful items we’ve been able to secure.   Also, it is a chance for us to be ambassadors of the sport and expose as many people as we can to this wonderful game.   The festival is being held this year on July 21st through the 23rd.   The slots are broken up in 2 hour intervals and you can sign up for one or as many as you’d like.   I will have a signup sheet available at all open play times from now until the festival.  If you are unable to signup at open play, feel free to contact me and I will help sign you up.   Thanks in advance for all your support!  Pickle on! 

Submitted by Lavender Festival Committee Chair Christy Marazon

Sequim Picklers PFC Meeting June 29, 2017

  1. Co-Chair Ruby Pugh called the meeting to order at 1:00 PM at 5th Avenue.   Co-chair Dave Katz, members, Richard Cary, Jan Tatom, Charlie Pugh, Margie Rone, Marc Connelly and SP member Christy Marazon (Lavender Festival lead) and Board Secretary, Denise Cordero were present.
  2. Sub-Committee reports: a) Financial Status.   Katinka not present.   No report at this time.   Will use last report given as SP annual meeting. b) Court Construction Status.   Charlie met with David Nakagawa on status of Carrie Blake Park new entranceway.   City added a new “schedule C” to their request for proposal that was sent out for bid to contractors.   This included the implementation of the civil engineering drawing for the courts including all retaining walls that will provide a level, compacted, soil layer on which the courts can be built.   City plan to pay for this portion from their $51 K contribution to the SP.   The negotiation team will re- engage with the City at the end of August to get a bid package for the court construction to meet the grant donor condition by the end of this calendar year and secure the $7K grant donor contribution.
  3. Grants.   Sequim LTAC grant for $10K approved by LTAC committee.   Is in the City’s CIP budget that was presented at the Sequim City Council meeting held June 26.   Ruby followed up with JoAnne regarding the 1st Federal Grant application.   JoAnne responded positively and begin to write grant in Aug, 2017 to submit for the July – Sept timeframe.   First Federal will review all application in Oct and award in Nov – Dec.   Request will be for $25,000 as unanimously voted for in previous PFC meeting.   Jan reported that we meet the Port Authority grant criteria.   Jan spoke with JoAnne who has volunteered to write this application also.   Application will be accepted beginning 2018. Christy brought up a possible grant opportunity with Home Depot.   She will obtain more info and provide status.
  4. Lavender Festival.   Christy reported that she is on schedule for the festival.   Secured Tent from Jodi.   Have at least 5 raffle items and possible 6.   Voted not to do Kettle Corn.   Will be sending out signup sheet.   Ruby suggested the vendor booth chalking and beer garden set up be kept separate from the member volunteer sign- up sheet.   Ruby will send out an email requesting the same volunteers to make the job easier.
  5. T-shirt Sales.   Margie reported that of the 110 tee shirts ordered, sold 46. Not at breakeven status.   Several members requested extra large shirts which she will order.   Will continue to try and sell all shirts.
  6. Role of PFC in 2017.   Discussion around table whether we should continue the meet as the PFC or turn function over to Board and have Board select a chairperson.   PFC is not actively fundraising.   Only have 2 grant applications to pursue and possible 3 depending on info from Christy. Committee has decided to stay in place until completion of court construction.   Will focus on finding grant opportunities rather than fundraising.   Ruby adjourned meeting at 2:15 pm.   Next meeting scheduled for August 2 from 1 – 3 PM at 5th Avenue.

Submitted by PFC Co-Chair, Ruby Pugh



Yes! You got that right – four!   Four new members to add to the Sequim Pickler ranks!  Let’s welcome Laurie D’alessandro, Ronald Halpern, Suchit (Sue) Hart, and Jim Schuenemann.   See you on the courts!!

Submitted by Membership Chair Cathy Hathaway

3rd and Fir Court Beautification:

What a group of dedicated Sequim Picklers we have.   If you remember what our Court grounds looked like last week you’ll likely drive right by when you arrive in the future to play, as the site has been totally spruced up.   Some 25 of our members arrived at 8AM Friday July 7thunder the leadership of Bob Sester to lend a hand.   Edgers, weed whackers, lawn mowers, and blowers a humming, along with picks a picking, rakes a raking, brooms a swishing.   And low and behold by 9 we had rejuvenated the Pickleball grounds.

Finishing in 1 hour was record time, thanks to Sharman bringing a buffet to share to with all.   What a spread she laid out.   Thanks Sharman!

And thanks to Charlie, we were able to get some great photographs of our Picklers in action. dZVERHN2s?usp=sharing

Thanks again!   You Sequim Picklers are special and it shows. 

Submitted by Bob Sester, Member.


Court Construction and Facility Planning (CC&FP)

July 1, 2017

On Thursday June 29th, 10:00 AM I met with Dave Nakagawara (City of Sequim civil engineer) to catch up on the status of the Carrie Blake Park new south entrance project after my return from travel.   I also wanted to work on a schedule towards our proposal to build the pickleball courts.

  • Dave really exceeded my expectations.   He told me that the civil engineering drawing from the City to cut and fill the elevations for the courts had already been completed and he handed me a copy of that drawing.  
  • Then he advised me that the City had added a new “schedule C” to their request for proposals that was sent out for bid to contractors.   The goal of Schedule C is to implement the civil engineering drawing for the courts including all retaining walls required to support the level platform on which the pickleball courts could be built.   As Dave described it, schedule C will set the table for Christiane’s architectural drawings to be implemented.   It will provide that level, compacted, soil layer on which the courts can be built. 
  • The City plans to pay for this portion of the project from their $51K contribution to the effort. 
  • We then discussed a preliminary schedule for getting the pickleball court request for proposals out for contractor bid.   The tentative plan is to reengage with the city on Wednesday August 30th to work on the final bid package and specifications.


  • The City has received 3 bids on all three schedules.   Schedule A is the driveway, Schedule B is the water main under the driveway, and schedule C is described above.
  • The City will select the winner of the bids in the next two weeks.
  • The City plans to advise the City Council at the next council meeting, July 10th, of their contractor choice and will request approval to move forward with all schedules.


  • Recommend that the membership be made aware that ground will begin to move in preparation for the new pickleball courts much sooner than we originally thought. 
  • The membership should know that they are welcome and encouraged to attend the next City council meeting to show our enthusiasm for the Council’s support of our project.

The Sequim Pickler City negotiation team will re-engage with the City at the end of August to knock out the bid package and final memorandum of agreement.

Submitted: Charlie Pugh, Sequim Pickler VP