Club Newsletter June 1, 2017

Welcome to the Sequim Picklers Club Newsletter Blog Post!!          June 1, 2017

Enjoy reading about your club!  If you have questions, please contact Jan Tatom.


  • CLICK HERE to read about the Sequim Picklers Annual Meeting – it will feature an enchilada cook off.
  • Beginner’s lessons were a huge success! Thank the trainers and welcome the new players.
  • Practice Class is a great learning experience. Thanks to Ben and Arvo.
  • Dave Shreffler has brought us exciting news regarding the courts at Third and Fir! Read his article.
  • USE it or LOSE it. Support play at the Boys and Girls Club. If we don’t have enough players supporting play there, new rent rates will be more than our budget can bear.
  • Watch for an announcement of court cleanup date at Third and Fir. Your assistance will be appreciated!
  • Our fiscal year is coming to a close. It’s been a phenomenal year for pickleball. Come to the annual meeting to hear a recap and to mark your ballot in the election.
  • Note that the food assignments for the Fiesta have changed.
    1. A – R bring side dish or salad
    2. S – Z bring dessert.

Tidbits collected by Club Communications Director Jan Tatom


DOWNLOAD this article written by Christy Marazon about the health risks of Lyme Disease.


The weather is finally warming up and drying; hope everyone is enjoying outdoor PICKLEBALL.  I look forward to seeing you at the annual meeting, and I will see a few of you down in Centralia.  Best of luck in your play! 

As we get closer to the goal of our new court construction, think of the following:

“Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs.” 
Henry Ford
Happy Pickling!

Submitted by Club President, Arvo Johnson


Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting the group of students receiving free pickleball lessons from the Club. It was a very positive experience – everyone smiling, happy to have completed the course, munching on Mary Helen’s famous brownies, and all looking forward to playing more pickleball.
Many questions were asked about the Club and our future new courts in Carrie Blake Park. Quite a few asked me for membership forms. So, I’m expecting to see some new faces in our memberships as a result.
A round of applause for our instructors Mary Helen, Ruby, George, Richard, and Nick!
**On May 17th, the Sequim Picklers Board voted to reduce annual fees to $20 for Bronze and Members Level players. That was great news!
THANKS to those of you who have already paid your annual dues! We hope to receive all dues payments by June 15th.
If you haven’t already paid yours, please mail your check as soon as possible to:
Sequim Picklers
PO Box 3441
Sequim, WA 98382

YOU are a valued member of the Sequim Picklers!


Submitted by Cathy Hathaway, Membership Chair


Instructors: Richard Cary, Ruby Pugh.
Players: Laurie D’Alessandro, Craig Schwandt, BetteLee Hall, Joanne White, Ron Halpern, Charlie Szumilas, Glen Robards, Cindy Arnold, Kathy Cooper, Nancy Watson, Maria Warner, Ellen Fullhart.
Instructors: Mary Helen Benapfl, George Davis.

During the past month, Sequim Picklers has welcomed a dozen new local players to our favorite sport.  Realizing that there is still a great deal of untapped curiosity and interest, the Picklers advertised a “beginner’s class” in the local newspapers.  Eighteen persons ranging in age from fifty-five to seventy-seven originally signed up for the Tuesday/Thursday afternoon sessions that concentrated on rules, etiquette, and playing the game.

A full dozen saw the course through to the end, and received certificates of accomplishment from the Sequim Picklers.  The short class was developed and run by George Davis, Richard Cary, Ruby Pugh, and Mary Helen Benapfl.

“What impressed me,” said Mary Helen, “Is that they all had such a good time, such good-natured fun.  Even in a thirty mile an hour wind! The only reason they stopped playing was that we had to take down the nets at five p.m.”

So if you find yourself paired with one of our new players, smack your paddles in welcome, and be assured that your favorite game is in good hands and still growing fast.

Submitted by Charlie Pugh


On May 19th, I had a really positive meeting with Gary Neal (Superintendent) and Heidi Hietpas (Business Manager). I have a good rapport with Gary and Heidi, and I’m confident a spirit of cooperation will get us better results than griping. So, if you have issues or concerns, please let me know (360-477-2558) rather than going directly to the Sequim School District (SSD).

Key Outcomes:

  • SSD has no plans to demolish/remove the 3rd and Fir courts; that’s a rumor. The levy that passed did not include any demolition or alterations to the courts.
  • SSD agreed to do everything they can to ensure no interruption in summer play at the courts (begins June 19th).
  • SSD was not aware that Sequim Sunrise Rotary and Sequim Picklers built the 3rd & Fir courts in July 2012. Gary and Heidi now understand that SP and Sunrise Rotary have a sense of ownership for the courts and being told by SSD that we can’t play on them while Olympic Peninsula Academy is in session is difficult to swallow.
  • SSD agreed to meet with me toward the end of summer to revisit play at the courts during the school year. Gary verbally committed to finding a solution that allows SP more play time during the week (starting in fall 2017).
Submitted by David Shreffler – PCOC Chair


Ladder League begins for our Summer schedule on the 1st Saturday in July (July 3, 2017):
  1. Doors open at 9AM
  2. Ladder Groups are 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 and up.  Captains will be elected prior to league play. 
  3. No partner needed, the ladder selects them. 
  4. On each Summer Ladder League, players will play with every player against every other player in a switching partner round robin. 
  5. You will be signed up with your Club Rating unless otherwise designated by the League Director.  (USAPA ratings take presidence over Club Ratings)
  6. Your statistics will be recorded and rankings will come out every week.  
Be the best you can be!  Join the League…(If you also play on Monday nights, League stats will be added to your regular Ladder stats)
Interested members should contact Ben.
Regular Ladder play continues on Monday nights from 6pm to 9pm. *Get into a Ladder Group and move up the ladder.  Ladder play is the absolutely fastest way to improve your game and find out what level you really play at.
Intermediate Sessions will continue thru June.  Do what the Pros do….practice.  What do they practice?….THE BASICS!!!
Drop-shot, lob, close up volleys, kitchen play (dink-masters)  and more…
All courts may be used for specific practice sessions.  Begins at 3pm – goes to 4:30pm. Learn how to perform the most difficult shots in pickle ball.

Remember:  BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB etiquette …please enter in the east door, and drive in the west driveway.

 Submitted by Director of Court Operations,  Ben Sanders


Nothing new to report this month.

Submitted by Club Secretary Denise Cordero


Please see the attachment in the email.

Submitted by Club Treasurer Katinka Nanna