Club Newsletter June 15, 2017

Welcome to the Sequim Picklers Club Newsletter Blog Post!!          June 15, 2017

Enjoy reading about your club!  If you have questions, please contact Jan Tatom.


  1. The Annual Meeting/Fiesta was fabulous: great planning, fabulous food, and plenty of information.
  2. There were 462 registered participants in the recent Centralia tournament. Port Angeles, Sequim, and Port Townsend won 25 medals: 11 Bronze, 9 Silver, and 5 Gold. Congratulations!
  3.  We have been awarded a lodging tax grant in the amount of $10,000 from the City of Sequim; thanks to Charlie and Ruby Pugh for their hard work on this!
  4. We have been given $500 by Sequim Sunrise Rotary toward the cost of materials for a storage facility. Thanks to Eric Mahnerd for making this happen!
  5. With school out, Third and Fir courts are available again!  Check the calendar on our website for the schedule.
  6. Our Director of Courts has suffered a serious injury; ask him what you can do to assist with his work. 

Tidbits collected by Club Communications Director Jan Tatom


Summer is fast approaching and, with that, our need for volunteers to help man our booth at the upcoming Lavender Festival.  Our booth helps raise much-needed funds for the club.  Last year we raised over $2,000!
We have some wonderful raffle items this year, so I think we should be able to match that or even surpass it.  Aim high!  That’s my motto.  I will be putting out a signup sheet in the next week or so.  We will work in two-hour intervals and you can signup for as many slots as you like, multiple times and multiple days.  
Let’s make this year our most successful ever!  
Pickle on!
Submitted by Lavender Festival Committee Chair Christy Marazon


Sequim Picklers, what a great annual meeting; lots of fun and great food.  It is growing each year.  I would like to thank you for having the faith in re-electing the Board, they are a very hard working bunch. We, as a whole, will always have the SP best interests in mind and will keep you posted on the progress of the new courts. This will be a very important year for the growth and success of our Club–a very exciting time indeed!  I will close with some quotes as I like to do.  Again, thank you all for your hard work and support.

  • “Well done is better then well said ” Benjamin Franklin
  • “I don’t believe you have to be better than everybody else. I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.”  Ken Venturi
  • “A will finds a way”  Orison Sweet Marden
Happy Pickling!

Submitted by Club President Arvo Johnson


It was great to see so many Members, current and new, at the Club’s Annual Party! What a fun group we have!

A big welcome to SIX NEW MEMBERS!

  1. Lauren Rogers
  2. Michael Schubert
  3. Charles Szumilas
  4. Nancy Watson
  5. Glen Robards
  6. Cynthia Arnold.

We will see you on the courts!!

Who ever heard of Pickleball TV?!! We did! Several people have asked me when we will host another Pickleball TV event. Watch for an upcoming announcement about that soon!

Annual Dues:  The final deadline for paying 2017 Annual Dues was 6/15/17.  

If you didn’t renew your dues but would still like to be listed on the Sequim Picklers Membership Roster, please submit your payment right away. Those who don’t renew will no longer receive Sequim Pickler email announcements and will be dropped from the Membership Roster.

We don’t want to lose you!!

Dues are $20 for Bronze and Member’s Level. Dues can be given to any Board Member or mailed to: Sequim Picklers PO Box 3441 Sequim, WA 98382


Submitted by Membership Chair Cathy Hathaway


Annual Meeting and Club Party  (June 11th)

The Sequim Picklers held their Annual Meeting and a Mexican themed Fiesta Potluck. The venue was beautifully decorated and very colorful. Approximately 65 members attended. The Fiesta featured an Enchilada Cook-Off Contest, a drawing for an original painting by Sharman Owings (Cathy Hathaway winning), and Games including a Pickleball Pinata. Five judges were selected to taste the 6 anonymous enchilada entries. The judges were Richard Cary, Ben Sanders, Katinka Nanna, Diane Fraula and Robert Olson. It was a hard job, but somebody had to do it. All of the entries were delicious. First Place went to Sharman Owings. Second Place went to Margie Rone. Ross Brown created a wonderfully whimsical first-place trophy. Second place was a bag of pickleballs. Not only can we play awesome pickleball, we are outrageous cooks! The side dishes and desserts were fantastic too. To top things off, Katinka and Dick donated a keg of beer. So with everyone happy, we had the meeting, which was short and sweet. We adjourned to more socializing and games. With great enthusiasm, the kids that were there attacked the pinata. The weather cooperated and after clean up, which went quickly with lots of help, we sat outside in the lovely park. To say the least, everyone had a great time. So, if you missed this year’s event, mark your calendar for a tentative date of June 10th for next year’s Annual Meeting and Party.

Thanks to everyone for making it so successful.

Submitted by Chair The Party Planning Committee Margie Rone


The sign-ups for the Summer Day Shootout League are nearly at the maximum number of entries.  I will begin a back-up list in the event of entries that drop off. 
There are over 40 entries at the time of this writing.  The league will take a break for 1 week during the Lavender Fest and I’m told the Seniors is the same weekend. (That would be July 22nd.)
Check your calendars and watch for notices.  This may extend the League to September 11th for the championships.  I am still looking for substitutes.
  • The 3rd & Fir summer schedule begins this coming Monday with play on all week days beginning at 9am and go to noon, instead of our afternoon play. 
  • The Tuesday/Thursday novice play and instruction will continue through the summer.
  • The “Intermediate training and practice sessions” will end at the end on June 26th.   I will pick them up at a later date.  
  • Monday nights will continue to be dedicated to Ladder Competition with record keeping.  The Ladder stats will be promulgated monthly.
  • I will be seeking volunteers to assist with the 2nd Annual Youth PB League to be held indoor at the Boys and Girls Club the last full week of July.  Monday, July 24th will be a clinic and sign-ups.  The league will run Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Wednesday, the B&G Club will be closed for a Mariners game.  Friday will be the award presentation.  (Format to be announced) The total number of volunteers needed is about 4.  The time slot is 3:30pm to 5pm M,Tu, Th and Fri.
  • We are looking to kick in our exchange program with Port Ludlow for the Summer.  Watch for announcements.
We will see you on the courts everyone!

Submitted by Director of Court Operations Ben Sanders


Nothing new to report this month.

Submitted by Club Secretary Denise Cordero


Nothing new to report at this time.

Submitted by Club Treasurer Katinka Nanna

 Sequim Picklers Year-End Summary 2016-17

Hi Picklers, Our communications director asked me to summarize some of the events of the last year. Here is my attempt to capture some of the many events but believe me there were many, many, more than the few I describe below.

In 2016 we conducted 8 local pickleball tournaments, a fall and winter league (each 10 weeks long), day clinics for men and women, a week long summer youth clinic at the B&GC and 3 other youth day clinics during the winter at the B&GC. Attendance at these events totaled 8,094 pickleball players.

During the Christmas holidays the Sequim Picklers volunteered at the B&GC to tape, sand, clean and paint new pickleball court boundaries in their gym. The B&G Club director Dave Miller says that pickleball is now the children’s 2nd most played sport at the facility after dodge ball. Some of the many good qualities of pickleball include its low barrier to participate. You only need a paddle and a ball. It promotes sportsmanship and helps kids to grow up to be fit, confident, strong and capable. It promotes healthy activity and lifelong racquet sport skills. The Sequim Picklers are committed to continuing to teach the children of Sequim this game that we all love.

On January 17, 2017 the Picklers began a youth pickleball program at the Boys and Girls Club. Every Tuesday for 8 weeks the Picklers conducted pickleball training and education for three different age groups throughout the afternoon.

During the winter the Director of Court Operations (DCO), Ben Sanders, worked overtime to organize several new formats of play. The first was a ten week winter league that began playing Monday nights 6:00PM-9:00PM at the B&G Club. Team play was organized into skill levels including competition at the 2.5 / 3.0 / 3.5 / 4.0 rated skill levels. This league was overly successful in that there were really too many players for the available time and courts.

Learning from that success, Ben limited the number of signups for his second winter league to 45. He organized a round robin format in which players changed partners in their skill level throughout the 10 week period. Ladder captains kept the total aggregated scores for each rated area and the players really enjoyed this new format and challenge of play against players of your own skill level.As always the club continued our favorite format of play called open play. During open play everyone plays with everyone regardless of skill level. When a game ends the winning pair remains on the court and splits to play with the next two coming in from the paddle wait rack. This mixes the members and allows members to meet and play with all skill levels and new members of the club. Look for this play during the summer between the hours of 9:00 AM to 12:00 noon each day.

Beginner classes were announced in the PDN during the month of May where 17 beginners were taught how to play the game of pickleball.

All year the Picklers worked hard towards our goal of building 8 new tournament-quality, public pickleball courts at Carrie Blake Park in partnership with the City of Sequim. Fundraising continued with several restaurants and applications for grants were submitted. Stay tuned for this year’s Lavender festival fundraiser. Signup with Christy Marazon. A hugely successful challenge grant fundraiser in January/February provided members the opportunity to contribute at one of 3 tiers of support to the building of new courts. Members contributed at the $500 bronze level, $1000 silver level and $2500 gold level. Each level will provide for increasing benefits to the member. New members can still join one of these contribution levels to contribute to the court-build campaign fund and reap the member rewards of those levels. See the SP web site for specifics, As of today we have raised just short of $200,000 towards building the courts and the City still promises at least $51,000, bringing our total funds available to just around $250,000. The City will be able to complete the civil engineering aspects of the courts in the late fall and the request for proposals should go out in the November/December time frame. Courts are planned to be available in the April 2018 time frame.

A recent committee was formed to assist our DCO with planning and scoping new formats of play. The committee is called the Pickleball Court Operations Committee (PCOC). We look forward to their recommendations for new and challenging pickleball play formats.

Submitted by Vice President Charlie Pugh