thank youThe Sequim Picklers would like to send a big THANK YOU to the following who generously support the club and the courts project.


A special HUGE THANK YOU to JoAnne Yerkes and the Yerkes Family Fund for the generous donation of $9000.  JoAnne and the Yerkes Family Fund were the source of the Challenge Grant that generated over $60,000 toward the court construction fund during a capital campaign in January and February of 2017.  This put us over the top of our goal for our court construction.  During the campaign, JoAnne was instrumental in sending out brilliantly-crafted, daily, inspirational and educational emails to the membership, inspiring them to take the plunge and buy into a Bronze, Silver or Gold membership.  JoAnne was the founder and first chairperson of the Pickleball Facilities Committee which preceded the formation of the club corporation and board as we know it today.  The idea of building new, outdoor courts was born at her dining room table with a few friends who believed “If not us, who?  If not now, when?”.  JoAnne was the first to establish and nurture the valuable relationship with the city, speaking at several city council meetings, and spearheading the negotiations with Sequim Family Advocates to “borrow” their 501(c)3 status for fundraising.  She was key in developing the business plan for fundraising and launched the GoFundMe site for the Sequim Picklers.  No one has worked harder or longer toward helping us reach our goal.  We are forever in her debt.

These members contributed and agreed to let us recognize their generosity by listing their names below. There were also MANY more members who contributed but wished to remain anonymous.

We thank each and every one of you!!

Bea Albarado$ 1,500
Glynda Ball$1,000
Robert Ball$1,000
Mary Helen Benapfl$ 2,500
Kathy Benedict$ 834
Lee Bowen$2,500
Ross Brown$ 1,000
Carlos$ 4,000
Richard Cary$ 1,000
Charlie$ 2,500
Michael Cooper$ 834
Dustin Curb$ 834
Nita Davidson$834
$ 4,000
Laura Edwards$1,000
Letricia Flerchinger$ 500
Forrest Frantz$ 2,500
Diane Froula$834
Roxane Fryer$834
G’$ 2,500
Gil Goodman$ 2,500
Bob Gunn$ 834
Sandi Gunn$ 834
Suchit Hart$ 834
Cathy Hathaway$834
Diana Herndon$834
Dave Herndon$834
Linda Holt$ 500
Nicolaas Holt$ 500
Jack$ 3,000
Jan$ 3,000
Christiane JohnsonHonorary
Arvo Johnson$ 500
Pat Joersz$834
Michael Joersz$834
Pam Katz$834
Dave Katz$834
Patricia Knapp$ 834
Robert Knapp$ 834
Bertie Litchfield$ 500
Chuck Madden$ 834
Debbie Madden$ 834
Virginia Mahakian$834
Michael Mahakian$834
Christy Marazon$834
Jay Marazon$834
Sue Mason$1,000
Phil Milliman$ 834
Katinka Nanna$ 5,000
Dale Nesse$ 834
Robert Olson$ 834
Sharman Owings$ 1,000
Peg Phillips$834
Lynn Pierle$ 500
Terry Pritchard$ 834
R’$ 2,500
John Ramos$ 500
Ruby$ 2,500
Erv Ruhl$ 834
Ben Sanders$ 1,000
Jolanda Schlund$ 500
Lynda Schroeder$ 1,000
Craig Schwandt$ 834
Bob Sester$ 2,500
Stu Sherman$ 1,500
Dave Shreffler$ 500
Ken Sorbel$ 834
Alene Somers$834
Charles Szumilas$ 834
Rob Wade$ 500
Kendal Wake$ 834
Phyllis Wenger$ 2,500
Richard Wenger$ 2,500
Pam Woodruff$ 834
JoAnne Yerkes$ 2,834



….THANK YOU to Sequim Family Advocates for sponsoring us so we can use their 501(c)3 status during our fundraising.



THANK YOU to the City of Sequim (including the mayor, all the council members and staff for the past year)  for their contributions including a proposed site for court construction in Carrie Blake Park and 2017 Budget Plans – $51,000 toward construction!!





  • Clallam County Lodging Tax Advisory Committee – $34,000
  • Albert Haller Foundation – $10,000
  • Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund – $10,000
  • City of Sequim Lodging Tax Advisory Committee – $10,000
  • Yerkes Family Fund – $7,000
  • First Federal Community Foundation – $5,000
  • Ben & Myrtle Walkling Memorial Trust  – $2,000
  • Wallace Teal Trustee – $1,000
  • Olympic Medical Center Foundation – $1000
  • Composite Recycling Technology Center: CRTC – $1000
  • Sequim Sunrise Rotary – $500
  • Advanta Dental – $500
  • Sequim Lavender Growers Association – $450
  • Estes Builders, LLC – $400
  • State Farm Insurance – Sequim (Thanks Jon Jack!) – $150
  • Port Ludlow Pickleball Association – $100
  • Quileute Tribal School – $100
  • Plaza Jewelers – $50


  • Christiane Ganss Johnson, Kata Tjuta Architecture (pro bono engineering specification drawings)
  • Alan Millett, Attorney (pro bono legal services)
  • Jeanne Martin, CPA (pro bono accounting services)
  • Applebee’s (fundraiser)
  • WalMart (popcorn booth in parking lot)
  • Black Bear Diner (fundraiser)
  • Boys & Girls Club (gym use for indoor play)
  • Big Daddy’s Marketing (popcorn fundraiser)
  • Washington State Ferries (popcorn fundraiser)


The merchants / businesses listed below generously donated items for our NUMEROUS Raffles over the past 2 years:


Here are some of the club members who donated items for raffle baskets – we know there are more – we heartily thank them too!!

  • Katinka Nanna
  • Linda Holt
  • Jeri Davis
  • Jan Tatom
  • Jack Tatom
  • Margie Rone
  • Kathy Mahnerd
  • Noreen and Henry Warwick
  • Stu Sherman
  • Bill Klover
  • Pamela Katz
  • Ruby Pugh
  • Rich Bemm