We Want To Hear From You!

Construction on our new courts is progressing, and we look forward to playing on them this summer!  It has taken many years of hard work and fundraising, but we met our goal and the courts will be a real asset to both our community and to the Sequim Picklers.  Stay tuned to learn opening date, ribbon cutting, and court schedule.
Meanwhile, we shall continue to work to raise funds to purchase court amenities, such as windscreen, benches, and shade, while play will continue at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club and at Third and Fir, per our calendar.
The Sequim Pickler Board wants to hear from you!  Stay in touch with us by posting your comments below, or CONTACT US.


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5 thoughts on “We Want To Hear From You!”

  1. “Congratulations to Sequim Picklers on reaching your fundraising goal for 8 new pickleball courts! I’m delighted to see our local community rally behind such a worthwhile cause. These new courts will be a legacy for Sequim, serving players of all ages for generations to come.”

    -Dave Shreffler
    President, Sequim Family Advocates

  2. We are so close to our goal and a distant drum-roll is beginning. We have so many groups of players who might take us over the top: the snow-birders who might turn their sunshine into dollars; the Port Angeles and Port Townsend players who know they’ll enjoy playing in tournaments in Sequim; the newcomers who will be taking a chance on being part of a pickleball family; the league members who want to continue improving their game. So many mini-groups out there!!! Let’s keep the pledges coming in and let that distant drum-roll get louder and louder as we march toward our goal.

  3. Dear Sequim Picklers,

    I sent this email to the PFC Committee on January 14th. with my suggestions concerning the CHALLENGE PLEDGE. Repeated here for the Sequim Pickler membership. There are only 19 days left until the February 7 deadline. We all need to all be together to get these courts built. TAKE A STRONG STAND AND SUPPORT THE CHALLENGE PLEDGE.

    Let the membership know: Why is Lee Bowen, who has been playing pickleball for 37 years, and is now 75 years old, willing to pledge at the GOLD LEVEL? It’s because he believes that building tournament quality pickleball courts is one of those few chances in one’s lifetime where you can make a difference that will positively affect people’s lives now and for generations to come.

    PFC Committee
    * I will make a GOLD LEVEL PLEDGE
    * The PFC and Board need to “hammer home the point” that the pledge drive ends Feb. 7th.!!!!!!!


  4. Dear Sequim Picklers,

    I, too, went to the board/facilitycommittee meeting and left with a sense of urgency.

    Our moment is here. The call to immediate action is important. Everything is aligned—design, City Council support, land, Board groundwork—and we have 3 weeks to get this done!

    As a community who loves pickleball, we have until Feb. 7 to raise about $35,000.00 within our membership? With about 125 members, we can do this. My husband and I plan to double our pledge as a result of understanding how vital it is that everyone consider his/her contribution toward new courts.

    For over 2 years, the board has done its job of researching, designing, fund-raising, trouble-shooting, and talking with City Council about every angle to build 8 tournament-ready pickleball courts at Carrie Blake Park. Now is our moment to do our job without any delay.

    Each of us needs to step forward and do at least one of the following:
    1. If you haven’t made a pledge, consider it. A lay-away plan is available if funds are tight. (Pledge cards available on the website:sequimpicklers.net.)
    2. If you have pledged, consider upping it, maybe even doubling it.
    3. Talk to fellow pickleball players and communicate the urgency and benefits of state-of-the-art courts where our club will have preference to play 7 days a week each morning. (Because courts are on city land, they will also be public but the Sequim Picklers have a signed agreement with the city for preference play.)
    4. Take the time to thank the board for their hours and hours of work on our behalf.
    5. If you feel comfortable to ask any business (a corporate sponsor maybe?) friend for donations, do so.

    A question hangs: Are we going to do this, or do we face the reality of limited play at Boys’ and Girls’ Club and at the 3rd and Fir courts that are planned to be demolished in the near future?

    As a club, we have the opportunity to race to the kitchen line and execute a perfect over-head slam to win this game!!!!!!


  5. Wow! for those of you unable to attend this mornings meeting, Ross and I had an opportunity to be there. As with a lot of you we had lots of questions regarding the purposed new dues, pay for play etc.
    I only wish that you could have been there. It added much needed and appreciated clarity.
    I will only address what we felt was most important.
    February 7, 2017 is looming over all of us. If you don’t know, it represents a potential windfall toward realization of the new (and possibly only) Sequim pickleball courts.
    If you are like us and have not opened up your wallets, now would be the time. There are potential matching funds just waiting to be grabbed. After February 7th that goes away. Even if you aren’t comfortable in pledging enough to activate matching funds I’m sure the club will be thrilled to take what you can manage. Pledge forms are available on the Sequim Picklers website (yes! we have a website. It’s pretty cool) Rumor has it that Katinka will even work with you on a payment plan.
    FYI: if you pledge $834 before 2/7/17 you get credit for $1,000. That puts you at the “Silver” level. No annual dues, no outdoor pay for play. You get the same benefits if you pledge after that date but it will cost you the entire $1,000. BARGAIN!!!!
    The good news? they did their job. Info out! mission accomplished.
    What say we be over achievers and knock this baby out.
    See you on the court

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