We know everyone is anxious to get out and shake off their cabin fever, but we ask that you DO NOT try and shovel or clear snow from the courts at Carrie Blake Park.  Because of the extreme conditions, surface paint may be brittle, and we don’t want to cause any damage.  Remember to NEVER use any tools that could possibly scrape, gouge, or chip the surface, e.i. snow shovels, regular shovels, power washers.  Only use the equipment provided by the club.  We appreciate your understanding during this time of SNOWPACOLYPSE 2019! 

Christy Marazon, Director of Court Operations

RULES REFRESHER CLINIC is rescheduled for Sunday, February 17th, at 9 am. If you want to sign up, please contact Marty Hoffman at There is NO FEE for this clinic.

Your Director of Court Operations, Christy Marazon 


The Sequim Picklers have, for the past 3 years, provided workers to assist with setting up portions of the Sequim Lavender Festival, marking booth spaces and assisting with vendor load in.  The festival will be held in Carrie Blake Park from July 19-21.  We need a Club member volunteer to step up and be the leader of that work group.  Full details on our Job Opportunities page.


RULES REVIEW CLASS:  Want to have an edge?  Want to be better prepared?  Want to be more knowledgeable?  Want to make a difference?  Do I have an opportunity for you.

What:  Rules review.  When:  Sunday, Feb. 10, 9:00 A.M.   Where:  Boys and Girls Club    Cost:  $0 for the session.  Pay $2.00 if you play afterwards.

Knowing more about the rules can be advantageous so please join me for about an hour to discuss some of our USAPA pickleball rules.

This is not a referee training clinic.  That will be offered later for those who want to become a referee for our club.

Please let me know if you are interested by contacting me at: 

Should be fun.  Hope to see you there.

Marty Hoffman, Referee Coordinator


MESSAGE FROM SP BOARD  The Board has voted to accept the resignation of Cathy Hathaway as Director of Communications.  Cathy asked to step down  – life outside pickleball was taking her time and energy and she didn’t want to fall short in her duties to the club.  The board is sad to lose such a dedicated, hardworking, level headed, and fair minded voice at the table.  She served as both Communications Director and Membership Chair in her time on the board. Cathy is a unique spirit and a valuable team member; always easy to get along with, never says a bad word about anyone, volunteers for everything and has a wonderful way of making a point and putting you in your place without making you feel bad!  She is a fierce advocate for the club, a respected administrator and a superb communicator – and pretty darn creative given that beautiful newsletter she’s been publishing!  We want to thank Cathy for her service, contributions and dedication to the club – she will be missed. 
Frank Mauger is our new Director of Communications!  Thank you Frank for serving our club.  


Drop-In Ladder League Starts January 28th:  Monday nights, Boys & Girls Club, 6:00pm-7:30pm-2.5 & 3.0 rated, 7:30pm-9:00pm-3.5 & 4.0 rated.  Drop in and join the fun!

PORT ANGELES PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT:                Feb 22-24, 2019.  Updated information available on our Tournaments page.



THE SEQUIM PICKLERS IS NOW IN THE AMAZON SMILE PROGRAM:  AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way to support non-profit organizations every time you shop on Amazon at no cost to you.  Click here for all the details.

MAILING MONEY COLLECTED AT CARRIE BLAKE: Many thanks to those of you who have counted and mailed funds collected after Carrie Blake play sessions – your assistance is greatly appreciated!   We have learned the hard way that we should not mail coins!  Those pesky coins have been putting holes in the envelopes during transport.  Also, when coins are included, the parcel is considered a package, not a letter, and that requires additional postage.  So, please note:  DO NOT MAIL COINS!  Simply leave any coins in the money envelope to be picked up by our Treasurer or other Board Member.  Thank you!!   See more information about Carrie Blake Court Procedures here.

SEQUIM PICKLERS ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY!   The Sequim Picklers are adopting a stretch of Highway 101 between Dryke Road and Shore Road under the State’s Adopt-A-Highway program.  We will do 4 cleanups a year and after two cleanups we will get a Highway sign acknowledging the Sequim Picklers.  See more information on our Volunteer Page.  Read the Jan 5 Report here and consider volunteering in April. 

ACTIVE MILITARY & SPOUSES NOW PLAY FOR FREE!  The Sequim Pickler’s Board of Directors recently voted to allow all active military members and their spouses to play with the Club at no charge.  It’s a great way to offer a little support to those in service to our Country. 

501c3 APPROVED:  The Sequim Picklers recently obtained our own nonprofit 501(c)(3) status!  Thank you, Katinka Nanna, for your efforts in handling the paperwork for this.  Previously, the Club was allowed to “piggy back” on the non-profit status of Sequim Family Advocates.  Becoming our own nonprofit organization will allow us tax-exempt status, access to grants, tax-deductible donations, and more!


The USAPA has been working hard to revamp the current pickleball ratings system.  The Sequim Picklers have decided to follow suit and do the same.  We are fortunate to have Bob Sester, Beverly Hoffman, and Doug Hastings who have volunteered their time to develop a working system for the Club.  It is our hope that this rating system will close the gap between our club ratings and the USAPA ratings.  This gives our members a more accurate and fair assessment of their game, allows our members who play in tournaments and leagues to sign up in the correct divisions, creates balanced and fair play and encourages continued growth for ALL players.

We encourage all members to complete the Self-Assessment, even if you already have a USAPA rating.  Please go to the Club Ratings & Skill Rating Procedure page under Members Only to see current ratings or to submit your Skill Assessment Form. 


Your Board of Directors is pleased to announce a new payment plan option for Bronze Membership.  This payment plan was created to make it easier to become a Bronze Member.  Basically, the plan consists of an initial payment of $70 ($25 Annual Dues and the first month’s installment of $45), followed by 11 monthly payments of $45.  The total cost is $565 ($25 Annual Dues, $500 One Time Capital Campaign Fund Contribution, and $40 administrative fee).  As previously announced, if you have already paid $50 for Annual Dues as a Basic Member, that $50 may be applied towards this upgrade to Bronze.  Those enrolled in the Bronze Membership Payment Plan will not pay $5/day on the outdoor courts and are eligible for any other Bronze Member discounts.  Additional terms are outlined on the enrollment form located on our “Join the Club” page.  If, after reading the terms outlined on the enrollment form you have further questions, please contact a Board Member.

INDOOR PLAY IS BACK:  Boys & Girls Club, Mondays 6pm-9pm, Sundays 9am-12pm, and Saturdays (when available).  Always check the Play Calendar.  Monday nights will either be Open Play or League Play.

1) Please do not arrive before 5:50 pm on Monday nights.  Do not try to enter the club UNLESS it has been cleared by whomever is opening for the Sequim Picklers.

2) When driving into the club, use the proper entrance and do not drive in using the EXIT.

3) The fee for indoor play is $2.  Please try to bring small bills when paying – change is not always available.

4) Players MUST wear appropriate court shoes.  Black soled shoes or anything other than sport/tennis shoes are not permitted.

5) Follow all the rules regarding open play and HAVE FUN! 

Pickle On!  Christy Marazon, Director of Court Operations

CARRIE BLAKE COURTS – Click here for court procedures and more.



SAVE THE COURTS:  Dear Picklers, You may have noticed dirt, pebbles, and scratch marks on our new courts.  The dirt and pea gravel along the south fence is tracking onto the courts and is going to quickly ruin our lovely surface.  PLEASE DO NOT WALK IN THE DIRT AND PEA GRAVEL.  From the parking lot, please use the grass or the street to access the sidewalk for entrance to the courts.  Thank you! 





PICKLEBALL CENTRAL SALE:  Click here for the current sale.

PICKLEBALL CENTRAL DISCOUNT:  ClubRewards gives members of local pickleball clubs a 5% discount on everything they purchase from and an additional 5% of the purchase price goes back to their local pickleball club in the form of an annual gift card. Click here for the discount code.

LEARN ABOUT CLUB RATINGS: Doug Hastings shares some insights on Club ratings.  Click here to learn more.  



Lessons and Clinics by 5.0 established instructor

We are lucky to have a talented teaching Pro in our community.  He is wonderful to work with, and can help you improve your game. Click here for more information.