Adopt-A-Highway News

Picklers “Trash” Hwy. 101 – AGAIN!

On Saturday, April 27, 12 dedicated picklers trolled both sides of Hwy. 101 between Dryke & Shore, removing 31 bags of trash.  This effort on the part of SP volunteers was the second Adopt-A-Highway litter patrol so far this year.  There was wind to deal with but the efforts by the January 5 team paid off as there was much less trash to pick up and our overall time was cut by close to 2/3!  

Afterwards, the team members met at Applebee’s for lunch.  If you see him, thank Applebee’s GM Dustin for giving us a 10% discount.  And, thanks to the following SP volunteers.   If there is a star next to their name, they are “superstars” as they have participated in both pick-ups:  

Kathy Cooper

*Michael Cooper

Diane Froula

David Goose

Darrel Jiles

Patricia Knapp

*Christy Marazon

Katinka Nanna

*Lynda Schroeder

*Ken Sorbel

*Pam Woodruff

*JoAnne Yerkes

To do a bit of a twist on a well-known phrase, they say that community service is its own reward.  If so, Patricia Knapp was rewarded twice as she found $5.  Good eye Patricia!  And Ken Sorbel “went the extra mile”.  Katinka drove the car parked at the end point of Team 2’s section, which the team would walk back to, picking up trash along the way.  Ken drove the car parked at their starting, offload spot.  When the team finished their mile patrol and reached Katinka’s car they realized that her keys were in Ken’s car.  So, yes, Ken walked the extra mile back to his car, then drove to where Katinka and Lynda waited at Katinka’s car.  Thanks Ken for going that extra mile!

Once again, JoAnne neglected to get a group picture of the orange-vested gathering.  If any teams have pictures to share, please do so.  And thanks again for your efforts!

Our next effort will be in July.   Hopefully by then WDOT will have placed signs acknowledging that Sequim Picklers have “adopted” this section of 101 between PA and Sequim, and drivers seeing us at work will no longer mistake us for members of the chain gang!  If you are interested in joining the volunteer team, let us know at


Submitted by JoAnne Yerkes