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Hey you picky picklers, have you seen our name in lights?  Well, not actually in lights but on shiny, somewhat reflective signs along Hwy. 101, in both directions, at the start of our pick-up zone between Dryke & Shore!  Rich Bemm was the first to capture it on film.

This is your early heads-up that we will be searching for those treasures yet again on Saturday, October 5.  We would enjoy the pleasure of your company.  And I promise not to leave Richard Cary abandoned and alone again!

If you have participated previously, all you need to do is mark your calendar and let me know you are available October 5; and if so, 1) can you be a carpool driver; 2) do you have a first aid kit that can be carried in one of the cars; 3) do you have a valid first aid card; 4) do you want to be on the same team and the same stretch of highway as previously.

If you have not participated previously, but are planning to join us October 5, please mark your calendar and respond to Contact Us.  I will provide you with the necessary information to meet State requirements, and we can then get you assigned to one of our awesomely trashy teams.

Thanks.  JoAnne Yerkes, Coordinator

PCOC MEETING: There will be a PCOC (Pickleball Court Operations Committee) meeting Saturday, September 14, 2019 at 12:00 PM at the *Carrie Blake Courts-*weather permitting.

BLUE HOLE BASH: Volunteers Needed!!

Join the fun by volunteering to help run the tournament.  See all the opportunities here. Barb Newkoff, Volunteer Coordinator


A special thank you to Kendal Wake, Director of Court Operations, for leading 2 Skills Classes held at Carrie Blake Park. Everyone learned a lot and it was lots of fun for all! Keep your eyes open for announcements on future classes. Thanks again, Kendal!

The new Fall Schedule has been posted.  This is  similar to last year with earlier ladder play to adjust for less light.  


INDOOR PLAY IS BACKBoys & Girls Club,  Sundays 9am-12pm, Mondays 6pm-9pm, (when available).  Always check the Play Calendar. Monday nights will either be Open Play or League Play.

1) Please do not arrive before 5:50 pm on Monday nights. Do not try to enter the club UNLESS it has been cleared by whomever is opening for the Sequim Picklers.

2) When driving into the club, use the proper entrance and do not drive in using the EXIT.

3) The fee for indoor play is $2. Please try to bring small bills when paying – change is not always available.

4) Players MUST wear appropriate court shoes. Black soled shoes or anything other than sport/tennis shoes are not permitted.

5) Follow all the rules regarding open play and HAVE FUN!

Kendal Wake, Director of Court Operations


T-SHIRTS: We are ordering shirts for the Blue Hole Bash.  We are looking at the breathable, high performance, long sleeved shirts with a small Sequim Picklers logo on the front- nothing about the Blue Hole on these.  They would probably cost members $15.00 to $20.00.  There will be a flyer at the courts with requests for size and quantity.  This is not an order list.  It is just to get an idea of how many we might need to satisfy the needs of the members. We want to order enough past that to offer to visitors coming to the tourney.  You can also email shirt requests to 


Change Ahead Road SignFALL COURT SCHEDULE: Behold! Here is our Fall Court Schedule for Carrie Blake park.

The schedule will take affect on September 1.

The First thing you will notice is the  9:00 a.m. start time.

Secondly, we’ve scheduled Rated Play or Choice Play on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  As long as enough players participate, Rated Play will work the same way as it does on Saturdays. 

Third, please notice the scheduled Ladder Play at 5:00 pm  – 7:00 pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. So prepare to defend your position. Also, the nature of this competition requires that players report on time.

Let’s fill up those courts that we helped build. 

BLUE HOLE BASH: Registration is open. Coming September 27-29 our second Blue Hole Bash tournament.  See our Blue Hole Bash post and the flyer for all the information.


OUT with the Monthly Club Newsletter … and IN with the Club News page! In order to bring you more timely news, the monthly club newsletter has been replaced by the CLUB NEWS page where you can get up-to-date information as it happens.

Pickleball Tutor ball machine

Lobster pickleball ball machinePICKLE BALL MACHINE FEEDBACK: Thanks to everyone who came out and tried the machines.  Stand by for more info on this.


Title: Novice Play Assistant Coach

When: Tuesday/Thursday 12:00 – 1:30 pm 

Where: Pickleball courts at Carrie Blake Park

Purpose: Develop novice players’ basic pickleball skills    

See the Volunteer page. 

BOYS & GIRLS CLUB PLAYERS: If you play at the Boys & Girls Club please see the Swift Net Procedures page and watch the short video on the proper net setup.


The USAPA has been working hard to revamp the current pickleball ratings system.  The Sequim Picklers have decided to follow suit and do the same.  We are fortunate to have Bob Sester, Beverly Hoffman, and Doug Hastings who have volunteered their time to develop a working system for the Club.  It is our hope that this rating system will close the gap between our club ratings and the USAPA ratings.  This gives our members a more accurate and fair assessment of their game, allows our members who play in tournaments and leagues to sign up in the correct divisions, creates balanced and fair play and encourages continued growth for ALL players.

We encourage all members to complete the Self-Assessment, even if you already have a USAPA rating.  Please go to the Club Ratings & Skill Rating Procedure page under Members Only to see current ratings or to submit your Skill Assessment Form. 

SAVE THE COURTS:  Dear Picklers, You may have noticed dirt, pebbles, and scratch marks on our new courts.  The dirt and pea gravel along the south fence is tracking onto the courts and is going to quickly ruin our lovely surface.  PLEASE DO NOT WALK IN THE DIRT AND PEA GRAVEL.  From the parking lot, please use the grass or the street to access the sidewalk for entrance to the courts.  Thank you! 






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Swift Net Procedure

Hello Boys & Girls Club Picklers,  Please view the attached Swift Net Video  to clarify the correct way to tighten the net using the red cords. The first two examples (cord pulled up and cord pulled straight) are demonstrations of the incorrect methods and the last example (cord pulled down) is the correct method.

The importance of emphasizing this detail is that using the correct method will prevent the fraying of the red cord. Over time, this fraying will cause the need to replace the cord. Thanks for taking the time to understand this.  Rich Bemm