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MEMBERS SURVEY:  We are sending out a “Just For Fun” Member Survey to be used for our future winter party — please take a few minutes to fill this out. Your answers will be used to create something very fun for the winter party currently in the planning phase. We are also preparing a quickie survey to find out which day/time/month works best to include the most Picklers as well, so keep an eye out for that in the near future.

Have a great weekend, and see you on the courts!                            Krista Rambow, Director of Communications



Have you ever shown up at the Boys & Girls Club because indoor play is scheduled, but didn’t find anyone there? Please don’t take it personally — we might all be outside at Carrie Blake instead of inside — especially if the weather is nice! We don’t want you to miss out on the fun — if you don’t see anyone at B&G Club, check the courts at Carrie Blake! Or, if you really were hoping to play inside, try Vern Burton Gym in Port Angeles. Kendal Wake, Director of Court Operations


MEMBER MEETING & BOARD MEETING: The next Member’s Meeting will be Sunday, Dec 8,  2 pm at the Boys & Girls Club library. The Board Meeting will follow at 3pm. ALL MEMBERS WELCOME.



Our name badge order is going in this week. If we make a mistake on your name (hopefully not), then we will fix it next month.

Kendal Wake, Director of Court Operations


BEGINNER LESSONS: Mary Helen and Ruby have announced that Novice Lessons have been suspended as of November 1, until spring 2020. This means that first-month-free for novices will not be offered until the spring calendar for 2020 is set.

Anyone who wishes to receive instruction should contact Mary Helen at to make mutual arrangements.

Novice play time will continue on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12 to 1:30PM. 



We still have a limited quantity of Sequim Pickler shirts available. If you are interested in purchasing, see the list of available shirts and purchase info here.  The cost for members is $15, for non-members $20. Also, if you would like to get your own (plain) t-shirt or sweatshirt, or another article of clothing printed with the Sequim Picklers logo, contact Captain T’s Gift Shoppe & Custom Stuff in Port Angeles, 360-452-6549. They are able to print one-off’s at your request, but we do ask that you choose a plain article of clothing ~only~ for anything with the Pickler logo.


INTRODUCING your FRIDAY NEWS UPDATES: all the news you NEED to KNOW for the week! We thought we’d give this option a try instead of inundating you with a stream of emails all week long. Special alerts will continue to go out as needed during the week, but this will be your weekly news wrap-up source.  Also please be sure to check out the Sequim Pickler “Club News” page right here on the web, or our Facebook Page  for the most up-to-the-minute information from the Sequim Pickler Club.  Krista Rambow, Director of Communications


VISITOR POLICY CHANGE: The new Visitor’s Fee is $6 effective October 1.  Please see the updated Visitor’s Policy.





Attention Picklers, It is that time again for me to try to recruit some referee trainees for our club.We have a nice cadre of trained officials, but we are always looking for new folks who might want to give this a try. Read more about this and try a short rules quiz here.


Lobster pickleball ball machine


BALL MACHINE ALERT:  The balls need to be dry.  Do not use the machine if there are puddles or rain on the courts. If anything is off about it please call, my number is on the procedure sheet.  I left it set up for a perfect practice session for 3rd shots.  Just place the machine on centerline 5 feet back of the baseline. I took out the large holed indoor balls that were mixed in.

Look for more training sessions on the NEW Lobster Ball Machine & Rebounder Wall. See this helpful Youtube Video on using the Rebounder Wall and this Lobster Youtube Video.

Members ONLY are invited to use them, provided they are Active Members and have completed training.

Kendal Wake, Director of Court Operations


MEMBERS ONLY FACEBOOK FORUM:  Aloha, Picklers!  Did you know that we have a Facebook page?  If you are not opposed to social media, we’d sure LIKE you to “LIKE” and “FOLLOW” our page on Facebook:

**Also, if you:  1. Are on Facebook  AND 2. Are an Active Member in the Club (current Members-Only)

You are invited to join our CLOSED GROUP: Sequim Picklers Members-Only Forum, where we discuss all things PICKLEBALL, find out who’s playing at the park, who needs a partner, if the weather is nice enough to play…(it usually is).

Sequim Picklers Members-Only Forum

See you at the courts!

Krista Rambow, Director of Communications

FALL COURT SCHEDULE: Behold! Here is our Fall Court Schedule for Carrie Blake park.

The schedule will take affect  September 1 – November 30.

The First thing you will notice is the  9:00 a.m. start time.

Secondly, we’ve scheduled Rated Play or Choice Play on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  As long as enough players participate, Rated Play will work the same way as it does on Saturdays. 

Let’s fill up those courts that we helped build. 


BOYS & GIRLS CLUB PLAYERS: If you play at the Boys & Girls Club or the YMCA, please see the Swift Net Procedures page and watch the short video on the proper net setup.


The USAPA has been working hard to revamp the current pickleball ratings system.  The Sequim Picklers have decided to follow suit and do the same.  We are fortunate to have Bob Sester, Beverly Hoffman, and Doug Hastings who have volunteered their time to develop a working system for the Club.  It is our hope that this rating system will close the gap between our club ratings and the USAPA ratings.  This gives our members a more accurate and fair assessment of their game, allows our members who play in tournaments and leagues to sign up in the correct divisions, creates balanced and fair play and encourages continued growth for ALL players.

We encourage all members to complete the Self-Assessment, even if you already have a USAPA rating.  Please go to the Club Ratings & Skill Rating Procedure page under Members Only to see current ratings or to submit your Skill Assessment Form. 

SAVE THE COURTS:  Dear Picklers, You may have noticed dirt, pebbles, and scratch marks on our new courts.  The dirt and pea gravel along the south fence is tracking onto the courts and is going to quickly ruin our lovely surface.  PLEASE DO NOT WALK IN THE DIRT AND PEA GRAVEL.  From the parking lot, please use the grass or the street to access the sidewalk for entrance to the courts.  Thank you! 






THE SEQUIM PICKLERS IS NOW IN THE AMAZON SMILE PROGRAM:  AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way to support non-profit organizations every time you shop on Amazon at no cost to you.  Click here for all the details.


PICKLEBALL CENTRAL DISCOUNT:  ClubRewards gives members of local pickleball clubs a 5% discount on everything they purchase from and an additional 5% of the purchase price goes back to their local pickleball club in the form of an annual gift card. Click here for the discount code.


SUGGESTIONS: … Comments, Questions:


Questions?, Comments, Suggestions – Contact US or fill out a paper form at the Carrie Blake Pickleball Courts




Swift Net Procedure

Hello Boys & Girls Club Picklers,  Please view the attached Swift Net Video  to clarify the correct way to tighten the net using the red cords. The first two examples (cord pulled up and cord pulled straight) are demonstrations of the incorrect methods and the last example (cord pulled down) is the correct method.

The importance of emphasizing this detail is that using the correct method will prevent the fraying of the red cord. Over time, this fraying will cause the need to replace the cord. Thanks for taking the time to understand this.  Rich Bemm



Int’l Indoor Pickleball Championships May 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Sequim Picklers who won medals at the Centralia tournament.

Men’s Doubles 3.0, 60+
Marty Hoffman/Jim Deckman – Bronze
Men’s Doubles 3.0, below 60
Robert Knapp/Gary Poor – Bronze
Men’s Doubles 4.0, 50+
Arvo Johnson/Lance Hunt – Silver
Men’s Doubles 4.0, 50+
Steve Bennett/John Freeman – Bronze
Men’s Singles 3.5, 19+
Damon Little – Silver

Men’s Singles 3.5, 60+; Forrest Franz – Bronze (no photo)

Men’s Singles 4.0, 50+
Arvo Johnson – Bronze
Mixed Doubles 3.0, Below 60
Patricia Knapp/Robert Knapp – Silver
Mixed Doubles 3.0, 60+
Katinka Nanna/Richard Cary – Gold
Sharman Owings/Gary Poor – Silver
Pam Woodruff/Jim Deckman – Bronze
Mixed Doubles 3.5, 60+
Ruby Pugh/Charlie Pugh – Bronze
Mixed Doubles 4.0, 60+
Beverly Hoffman/Steve Bennett – Silver
Bob Sester/Elizabeth Whelan – Bronze
Mixed Doubles Skill Only 3.0
Christy Marazon/Jay Marazon – Silver
Richard Cary/Katinka Nanna – Bronze
Women’s Doubles 3.0, 50+
Patricia Knapp/Pam Woodruff – gold
Katinka Nanna/Lynda Schroeder – Silver
Women’s Singles 3.5, 50+
Tricia Stratton – Gold
Women’s Doubles 4.0 & 4.5: 60+
Jeannie Ramsey/Beverly Hoffman – Bronze
Women’s Singles 4.0, Below 50
Kendal Hastings – Gold
McKenna Hastings – Bronze
Women’s Doubles 4.5
Kendall Hastings/Allison Hastings – Silver
Women’s Doubles 3.0
Christiane Johnson/Christy Marazon – Bronze



Club Ratings

It has come to my attention that there may be some confusion around our club ratings scale or just questions in general regarding ratings.  I wanted to give you some information on our club ratings and how they may differ from USAPA tournament ratings scale.

First, within any rating scale there are sometimes 3-5 tiers. Such as, a 3.0 player might come across another 3.0 player that they can easily beat or be easily beaten by.  This is because there are low, medium and high level 3.0’s within that one ranking level.  This goes for every level from 2.5 – 5.0.

Second, club level ratings, including ours, are often a little skewed on the high side because of the personal connection to the players and who is doing the rating.  It is human nature.

Third, geographical areas can sometimes have a different view of what a certain level may be compared to another geographical area.  For example, a 3.5 player from a small pickleball community, like Sequim, might be a 3.0 in Florida or Arizona due to a higher player density and competitive setting with so many tournaments available.

In conclusion, our club rating system is to help our club differentiate our player membership.  This way, we can place similarly skilled players within groups for competitive, fun match ups.  So, when traveling to play in other tournaments, I would play in a half point lower category than my club rating unless you are secure in your abilities.  Once you play a few tournaments outside of our area, you will have a very accurate idea if your club rating is accurate and if you need to adjust what level you are playing in.

I hope this may clear up any confusion out there and pickle on.

Doug Hastings