Int’l Indoor Pickleball Championships May 2018

CONGRATULATIONS to all the Sequim Picklers who won medals at the Centralia tournament.

Men’s Doubles 3.0, 60+
Marty Hoffman/Jim Deckman – Bronze
Men’s Doubles 3.0, below 60
Robert Knapp/Gary Poor – Bronze
Men’s Doubles 4.0, 50+
Arvo Johnson/Lance Hunt – Silver
Men’s Doubles 4.0, 50+
Steve Bennett/John Freeman – Bronze
Men’s Singles 3.5, 19+
Damon Little – Silver

Men’s Singles 3.5, 60+; Forrest Franz – Bronze (no photo)

Men’s Singles 4.0, 50+
Arvo Johnson – Bronze
Mixed Doubles 3.0, Below 60
Patricia Knapp/Robert Knapp – Silver
Mixed Doubles 3.0, 60+
Katinka Nanna/Richard Cary – Gold
Sharman Owings/Gary Poor – Silver
Pam Woodruff/Jim Deckman – Bronze
Mixed Doubles 3.5, 60+
Ruby Pugh/Charlie Pugh – Bronze
Mixed Doubles 4.0, 60+
Beverly Hoffman/Steve Bennett – Silver
Bob Sester/Elizabeth Whelan – Bronze
Mixed Doubles Skill Only 3.0
Christy Marazon/Jay Marazon – Silver
Richard Cary/Katinka Nanna – Bronze
Women’s Doubles 3.0, 50+
Patricia Knapp/Pam Woodruff – gold
Katinka Nanna/Lynda Schroeder – Silver
Women’s Singles 3.5, 50+
Tricia Stratton – Gold
Women’s Doubles 4.0 & 4.5: 60+
Jeannie Ramsey/Beverly Hoffman – Bronze
Women’s Singles 4.0, Below 50
Kendal Hastings – Gold
McKenna Hastings – Bronze
Women’s Doubles 4.5
Kendall Hastings/Allison Hastings – Silver
Women’s Doubles 3.0
Christiane Johnson/Christy Marazon – Bronze



February 2018 Tournament Results


Age 19-49
GOLD Debbie Guidi/Allison Hastings
SILVER Debbie Madden/Christiane Johnson
BRONZE Letritia Flerchinger/Christy Marazon

Age 50-59
GOLD Ruth Hunt/Miok Lee
SILVER Damaris Brix/Kerry Savory
BRONZE Cherry Bibler/Tricia Stratton

Age 60-69
GOLD Sandy Gunn/Yanjing Chen
SILVER Lynda Schroeder/Katinka Nanna
BRONZE Sharman Owings/Mary Helen Benapfl

Age 70 +
GOLD Beverly Hoffman/Susan Smith
SILVER Kathy Benedict/Marcy Jackson
BRONZE Sam Minkoff/Nita Davidson

Age 19-49
GOLD Caleb Gentry/Kyle McKenzie
SILVER Nicola Armstrong/Doug Hastings
BRONZE Jonathan Ferrer/David Slater

Age 50-59
GOLD Peter Brix/Wayne Russell
SILVER Danny Leask/Steve Leask
BRONZE Gregg Guidi/Paul Williams

Age 69-69
GOLD Jon Hussey/John Freeman
SILVER Robert Rankin/Charlie Pugh
BRONZE Gary Hussey/George Reimlinger

Age 70 +
GOLD Bill Averill/Steve Bennett
SILVER Doug Whittle/Tom Slater
BRONZE Richard Bemm/Richard Cary

Age 18-49
GOLD Doug Hastings/Allison Hastings
SILVER Dan Bartells/Ruth Hunt
BRONZE Brandon Morgan/Jessica Morgan

Age 50-59
GOLD Ken Lee/Miok Lee
SILVER Wayne Russell/Kerry Savory
BRONZE Peter Brix/Damaris Brix

Age 60-69
GOLD Forrest Frantz/Sandi Gunn
SILVER Robert Rankin/Cherry Bibler
BRONZE Charlie Pugh/Ruby Pugh

Age 70+
GOLD Steve Bennett/Beverly Hoffman
SILVER Bill Averill/Sandi Smith
BRONZE Bruce Good/Betty Hendricks