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NO SHOVELING PLEASE: Another important reminder when we get snow: PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO CLEAR THE COURTS AT CARRIE BLAKE. As we all are aware, they are easily damaged. Please be patient and let nature clear them instead. Thank you.

*** URGENT MESSAGE ***From the Sequim Picklers Board of Directors

We currently are seeking (2) passionate Picklers to take over open Board Positions for Vice President and Treasurer.

Job Descriptions:

VICE PRESIDENT: Sits for the President when the President is unavailable. All committees, both temporary and standing report to the Vice President. Performs other duties as directed by the President. Sits on the Board as a voting member.

TREASURER: Keeps all financial records of the Corporation, receives all income, and deposits the same in Club bank account(s). Pays all bills owed and reimburses expenses as authorized in the yearly budget. Guides the Board in preparing each year’s budget. Sits on the Board as a voting member.

Please contact Diane Froula at if you are interested.

Best regards,
Krista RambowDirector of Communications


PA INDOOR PLAY: When the weather is too bad to play outside check out the Vern Burton Schedule for pickleball. The link can be found on the Pickleball Resources page.

A BIG THANK YOU:  to our Ratings Committee!
As their tenure comes to an end the Sequim Picklers would like to thank Beverly Hoffman, Bob Sester and Doug Hastings for their hard work as the first Sequim Picklers Ratings Committee.  Many members have benefited from their assistance.  Job well done! A new ratings process does take time to develop and is currently in field testing at this point, likely including skinny singles as an option. For now, there are no immediate changes in place, and our Membership is encouraged to be patient, as well as participatory, in this process.  Kendal Wake, Director of Court Operations

RULES CLINIC – Monday, January 20th:


Join Marty Hoffman, Referee Coordinator, for an enlightening Rules Clinic on Monday, January 20th at 6:30PM and 7:30PM at the Boys & Girls Club. For those of you playing Round Robin, we ask that the 7:30 starters come at 6:30, and the 6:00 starters come to the 7:30 session. This schedule lets you play while also giving you an opportunity to strengthen your knowledge about the rules of the game. **NOTE: This is NOT Referee Training. This is an opportunity to learn more about the rules which may help you win a point, game or a match — Knowledge is POWER! 🙂

No reservations required….just show up, no fee, no materials.  We will discuss rules for 45-60 minutes depending on the discussion.  Give it a try…… will learn something interesting and informative!

ADOPT-A-HIGHWAY REPORT:  Read all about the January 4th outing in Adopt-A-Highway News.

OLYMPIC PICKLEBALL TOURNAMENT: Friday, February 28 – Sunday, March 1
Let’s support Port Angeles and get signed up for the 2020 Olympic Pickleball Tournament hosted by Pickleball Is Great (PIG). It’s an indoor tournament held at Roosevelt Elementary School. They have very low numbers signed up so far, so get your names on the list!
Go to to register. 



Warren has taken over name badge distribution. As Membership Chair this really fits well with his responsibilities.  See Warren if you still need your badge.    

Kendal Wake, Director of Court Operations

CAMERAS ON THE COURTS: The camera system is up and running. Right now it only works as a mobile app. We hope to have it available in the Members-only area of the Pickler’s web site. Until then see your FRIDAY NEWS UPDATES for instructions.

Kendal Wake, DOCO

Round Robin Play & Open Play at B & G Club:
Round Robin Play will start on Monday, January 6 at the Boys & Girls Club on Fir Street. The time slot for 2.5’s and 3.0’s is 6:00 to 7:30 PM. The 3.5’s to 4.0’s will be from 7:30 to 9:00 PM.  Be sure to show up on time so that you can be included in the Round Robin play.
On alternating weeks (January 13th) will be an open play week.  We will alternate round robin play with open play for a couple of months (*our calendar will be updated to reflect the changes to our schedule). There will be no more Saturdays at the Boys and Girls club for a while.  The added Saturdays we had just happened to be available. I have asked for any additional availability but have not heard back.
Kendal Wake, DOCO

SAVE THE DATE:  Rockin’ Round Robin Winter Party of the Lights
& Rockin’ Round Robin Dinking Tournament
and Pot Luck too.
 Monday February 17, 6 pm to 9 pm, Boys & Girls Club, Fir Street, Sequim. More information to follow…..     Please contact Warren to help with setup and/or takedown.


Have you ever shown up at the Boys & Girls Club because indoor play is scheduled, but didn’t find anyone there? Please don’t take it personally — we might all be outside at Carrie Blake instead of inside — especially if the weather is nice! We don’t want you to miss out on the fun — if you don’t see anyone at B&G Club, check the courts at Carrie Blake! Or, if you really were hoping to play inside, try Vern Burton Gym in Port Angeles. Kendal Wake, Director of Court Operations


I had a request for more shirts to be ordered, these requests were for some colors and sizes we did not have.  Because of the low order quantity the price was closer to $30 rather than $15 — So orders are on hold for now.  If you don’t mind paying the extra you can order from Captain T’s in Port Angeles 360-452-6549. They have our logo, and you can get it printed in a variety of colors and sizes. We still have quite a collection of shirts available for purchase. We do ask that you choose a plain article of clothing ~only~ for anything with the Pickler logo.

FRIDAY NEWS UPDATES: all the news you NEED to KNOW.  This week’s update is available to members only by email. Special alerts will continue to go out as needed during the week, but this will be your weekly news wrap-up source.  Also please be sure to check out the Sequim Picklers “Club News” page right here on the web, or our Facebook Page  for the most up-to-the-minute information from the Sequim Picklers.  Krista Rambow, Director of Communications

Lobster pickleball ball machine


BALL MACHINE ALERT:  The balls need to be dry.  Do not use the machine if there are puddles or rain on the courts. If anything is off about it please call, my number is on the procedure sheet.  I left it set up for a perfect practice session for 3rd shots.  Just place the machine on centerline 5 feet back of the baseline. I took out the large holed indoor balls that were mixed in.

Look for more training sessions on the NEW Lobster Ball Machine & Rebounder Wall. See this helpful Youtube Video on using the Rebounder Wall and this Lobster Youtube Video.

Members ONLY are invited to use them, provided they are Active Members and have completed training.

Kendal Wake, Director of Court Operations


MEMBERS ONLY FACEBOOK FORUM:  Aloha, Picklers!  Did you know that we have a Facebook page?  If you are not opposed to social media, we’d sure LIKE you to “LIKE” and “FOLLOW” our page on Facebook:

**Also, if you:  1. Are on Facebook  AND 2. Are an Active Member in the Club (current Members-Only)

You are invited to join our CLOSED GROUP: Sequim Picklers Members-Only Forum, where we discuss all things PICKLEBALL, find out who’s playing at the park, who needs a partner, if the weather is nice enough to play…(it usually is).

Sequim Picklers Members-Only Forum

See you at the courts!

Krista Rambow, Director of Communications

BOYS & GIRLS CLUB PLAYERS: If you play at the Boys & Girls Club or the YMCA, please see the Swift Net Procedures page and watch the short video on the proper net setup.


SAVE THE COURTS:  Dear Picklers, You may have noticed dirt, pebbles, and scratch marks on our new courts.  The dirt and pea gravel along the south fence is tracking onto the courts and is going to quickly ruin our lovely surface.  PLEASE DO NOT WALK IN THE DIRT AND PEA GRAVEL.  From the parking lot, please use the grass or the street to access the sidewalk for entrance to the courts.  Thank you! 






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