Club Newsletter April 2019

Welcome to the Sequim Picklers Club Newsletter Blog Post!!         April, 2019

Enjoy reading about your club!   If you have questions, please contact Frank Mauger.



1.  The Club needs a Volunteer Coordinator-see below.

2.  Save the date!  Annual Meeting & Party is June 16th at the Guy Cole Center.  We need donated items for the raffle!!

3.  The Sequim Fling Pickleball Tournament is coming up in May 2019.  Registration is open at For more information see our Sequim Fling page.

4.  There is limited play at the Boys and Girls Club; watch the calendar for times and dates. Monday night Open Play at Boys & Girls Club is in progress.

6.  Keep the court surface in good repair by avoiding the dirt and pea gravel area on the south side of the courts.

Submitted by Frank Mauger,  Director of Communications



The Sequim Picklers club has been through some crazy growth this past year; we’ve opened the new courts, added 10 new members, held a regional tournament, and offered play options for all levels.  Everything you see, hear and experience about pickleball in Sequim happened because of the Sequim Picklers.

We are a WA State charitable organization holding a contract with the City of Sequim and managing a membership of 190 who use and maintain a $250,000 asset we funded and built.  That’s huge!!

ALL of that was done by dedicated volunteers who love pickleball and were wiling to spend the hours it took to get the job done.  Many of those hearty souls have been involved since the beginning, before there was an official club and when fundraising was the highest priority.

Today, thanks to all those people, the club is fiscally strong with a great reputation both locally and regionally.  We’ve got some great momentum and the future looks amazing!

The Club needs your help.  

With this growth and maturity comes the need for even more club members to participate.  Specifically, we are looking for someone to be the Volunteer Coordinator.

The Volunteer Coordinator will report to the Membership Chair and assist with messages to the board and membership.  The Volunteer Coordinator will solicit, manage and assign volunteers to activities as they come up throughout the year.  This includes tournaments, member meetings and social events, and when specialized tasks for a specific skill set is needed.  We’re looking for someone that likes working with and organizing people, is a good communicator and is comfortable on the computer.  You won’t be managing the activities – just a pool of people!  

This club runs on volunteers, so this might be the most important job we have!  If you have a few hours a month you can spare to help keep this great club humming along, please contact Warren Mecca.  If you want more information about how you can help, either as the Volunteer Coordinator or as a volunteer, please contact a Board Member – we’re happy to get the volunteer pool list started!

Submitted by Debbie Madden, Vice President


Save the Date  for June 16th 12:00 – 5:00 for the SP Annual Membership / Business Meeting at Guy Cole Center in Carrie Blake Park – more details to follow. We need a small committee to work with the board to organize this event – at least 1 person right now to be lead and get more volunteers as needed. Please contact Debbie Madden if you are interested.



  • Sundays: 12 pm-3 pm Open Play Outdoors. Boys & Girls Club 9-12 pm. Check the Calendar!!
  • Mondays: 9 am-12 pm & 5 pm-7 pm Open Play Outdoors, 6 pm – 9 pm Open Play Gym.  Check the calendar!!
  • Tuesdays: 9 am-12 pm Open Play Outdoors, 12 pm-1:30 pm Novice Play Outdoors. Singles, 1:30p-3:00p.
  • Wednesdays: 9 am-12 pm & 5 pm-7 pm Open Play Outdoors. 
  • Thursdays: 9 am-12 pm Open Play Outdoors, 12 pm-1:30 pm Novice Play Outdoors. Singles, 1:30p-3:00p.
  • Fridays: 9 am-12 pm & 5 pm-7 pm Open Play Outdoors.
  • Saturdays: 9 am-12 pm Rated Play Outdoors.  

Always check the Club Calendar for current information.


Welcome new members in 2019:
Vebol Bo, Wayne Schmitt, Bill Averill, Curt Haugen, Richard Rube, Tom Rambow, Neil Van Blaricom, Suzy Narbutovskih and Christina & Tom Cunningham.
We now have 190 members including 51 Basic, 43 Bronze, 68 Silver, 19 Gold, 4 active military and 5 minors

Save the Date June 16th Annual Members Meeting at the Guy Cole Center.  The theme is: Picklers in Paradise so be prepared to wear your Hawaiian attire. More information to follow. We need donations for our raffle. Contact Warren if you can provide a great raffle prize for the party. See you there, Warren

Hit it to Their “Sweet Spot”

The conservation about playing with club members “below my level” has come up several times at Carrie Blake Park. I say, “Hit it to their sweet spot!”

 You are more likely to get a return shot to hit if you hit it to their sweet spot. They will have more fun playing and you get more practice than if you hit it where they can’t get to it. It’s a Win-Win!

By trying to hit it to their sweet spot you are still getting practice “targeting” which is a good thing, right? You get practice targeting, they get practice getting a paddle-on-the-ball. Everybody is happy. Later on, when they improve you can go ahead and try to get it past them.

I say,  in the interests of maintaining a club atmosphere, when playing with a lower ranked player, instead of targeting their weakness, target their strength. You will still win the game (if you are really as good as “all that”)  and they will benefit from having played with you. 

See you on the courts,

 Submitted by Warren Mecca, Membership Chair


Here are links to the 2019 Financial Report.

Profit & Loss for March

Profit and Loss June 2018-March 2019

Budget vs Actual June 2018-April 9, 2019

Submitted by Katinka Nanna, Treasurer



Pickleball Court Operations Committee (PCOC)

I am happy to be your new PCOC Chairman and welcome new PCOC members Kendall Wake and Robert Olsen to the group. Their additions make us a very well rounded group to best represent the club. Thanks to Dave Shreffler for his term as PCOC Chairman.

As always, feel free to contact Doug at Contact Us or the Director of Court Operations Christy Marazon ( if you have questions or concerns about court activities and operations.

Change Ahead Road Sign“Open Play”- done. RIP                         “Choice Play” – Welcome aboard!

Hey Ya’ll, we are making a change. What we have all become accustomed to calling “Open Play” will now be termed “Choice Play”. I KNOW! Whaaat?” “Choice Play”?

Here’s how it works: During “Choice Play” each of you observes the play on the courts in use. From what you observe you “choose” the court you feel most appropriate for you to join. It is as simple as placing your paddle in the fence by the gate of that court. Your“Choice”. Get it? From there on, nothing changes. If your paddle is up next, you are in next. You are not locked in on that court. If you decide later that another court suits your play you can paddle up there. Just remember, putting the paddles up is crucial for success.

Let’s get real. Not everyone will read this. If you see another member who appears to have missed this memo KINDLY explain. It will take a while for all of us to “out with the old, in with the new”. Be patient.

Also, you may not realize we have a sign for a “Drill Court”. Look for it to show up on one of the 2 courts closest to the shed. Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to hone their skills. Dink? Lob? 3rd shot drop? drill, drill, drill.

Submitted by Doug Hastings, PCOC Chairman


I had the pleasure last weekend of attending a 3-day Seattle BOOST Camp.  I found it extremely informative, educational, well organized, and entertaining.  Certainly well worth the time and cost involved..  The personnel (Peter, Brian, Takako, and G) were top notch instructors, terrific representatives of the organization and the pickleball community, plus of course, darn good players.  (And I definitely think the two male characters should take their comedy act on the road doing standup. Very entertaining.)  My final overall grade for the camp is a solid 5 stars, and rates a loud “BRAVO ZULU”, which is Coast Guard-speak for “Well Done”..    My compliments..

 Submitted by CAPT Gill Goodman, USCG(ret)