Club Newsletter July 2019

Welcome to the Sequim Picklers Club Newsletter Blog Post!!         July 2019

Enjoy reading about your club!   If you have questions, please contact Frank Mauger.



1.  The Club needs a Volunteer Coordinator-see our Volunteer page.

2.  Welcome your new Board Members who start Aug 1.

3.  Don’t miss our Sequim Picklers Round Robin (aka Big Dill), August 8th.  Round Robin for 2.5 and below.

4.  There is limited play at the Boys and Girls Club; watch the calendar for times and dates. Monday night Open Play at Boys & Girls Club is in progress.

6.  Keep the court surface in good repair by avoiding the dirt and pea gravel area on the south side of the courts.

Submitted by Frank Mauger,  Director of Communications

Welcome to the new Board Members who will begin on August 1 – Sharman Owings, President; Robert Olson, Vice President; Katinka Nanna, Treasurer; Pam Woodruff, Secretary; Ben Sanders, Director of Court Operations; Warren Mecca, Membership Chair and Kendal Wake, Director of Communications.  Thank you for stepping up to serve your club!! Thank you to our outgoing Board Members, Arvo, Debbie, Christy and Frank.  


The Local Yokels took place under mostly cloudy skies with little wind – perfect pickleball playing conditions!  Over the course of two days, 81 participants played a total of 133 games.  It was especially good to welcome players taking part in their first tournament.  All this and free pizza too!

Many thanks to all who helped: the announcers, referees, score runners, food supervisors, registration helpers, parking directors and to everyone who was so willing to step up and help out. Some of our volunteers were:  Margie Rone, Robert Olson, Frank Mauger, Patricia Knapp, Diane Froula, Kathy Mahnerd, Eric Mahnerd, Jan Tatom, Bea Albarado, Noreen Warwick, Sandi Gunn, Forrest Franz, Letritia Flerchinger, Marty Hoffman… and more. And, of course, thanks to my fellow committee members: Mike Cooper, Sharman Owings, Arvo Johnson and Katinka Nanna. See the recap on our tournament page and photos in our gallery.

Next up: the Blue Hole Bash, September 27th to 29th.

Submitted by Pam Woodruff, Secretary

NEW BULBS FOR THE B & G CLUB:  We are going to change out the lights at the Boys and Girls Club on Saturday the 20th. Starting at 9:00AM. It will mostly be opening the LED bulb packages and receiving the old ones to be disposed of. I will go up on the lift with one other person to do the actual replacement. The gym is empty, so we could play afterwards if we wanted. I am guessing it will take 5-6 hours. Please contact Gary Poor at 360-912-1600 to let him know if you can help. 

Submitted by Gary Poor


  • Sundays: 12 pm-6 pm Choice Play Outdoors. Boys & Girls Club 9am-12 pm. Check the Calendar!!
  • Mondays: 8 am-12 pm Choice Play Outdoors & 6 pm-9 pm Ladder Play Outdoors, 6 pm – 9 pm Open Play Gym.  
  • Tuesdays: 8 am-12 pm Rated Play Outdoors, 12 pm-1:30 pm Novice Play Outdoors. Tournament Practice, 1:30p-3:00p.
  • Wednesdays: 8 am-12 pm Choice Play Outdoors.  6 pm-9 pm Ladder Play Outdoors. 
  • Thursdays: 8 am-12 pm Rated Play Outdoors, 12 pm-1:30 pm Novice Play Outdoors. Tournament Practice, 1:30p-3:00p.
  • Fridays: 8 am-12 pm & 6 pm-9 pm Choice Play Outdoors.
  • Saturdays: 8 am-12 pm Rated Play Outdoors.  

Always check the Club Calendar for current information.


Greetings from your recently elected Membership Chair,

Almost a year ago I volunteered to fill in as the Membership Chair but now I am officially elected! Yay for me! I am getting better at this job (I hope) but I am still getting used to working the spreadsheets and email systems so please be patient.

I feel I should know everyone’s name. We currently have 225 members listed as active and I’m guessing I know about half of you on sight. As you can see, learning everyone’s name is still a work in progress for me. It’s mostly a fun job and somebody has to do it but I might approach you and introduce myself more than one time. If I do that to you please be kind and understand I’m learning a lot of names and faces. 

If we haven’t met yet I hope to soon make your acquaintance. Believe it or not I’m a little shy so feel free to go ahead and break the ice yourself by walking up and introducing yourself.

See you on the courts,

Submitted by Warren Mecca, Membership Chair


Here are links to the 2019 Financial Report.

Profit & Loss for June 2019

Budget vs Actual June 2019

Regional Spring & Local Yokel Tournaments

Submitted by Katinka Nanna, Treasurer




Sequim Picklers Round Robin (aka Big Dill)
We will be having a 2.0 – 2.5 Sequim Pickler Round Robin (aka Big Dill) on, Thursday, August 8, 2019. After rated play, let’s  all hang around and cheer on our 2.0 – 2.5 Sequim Picklers in their Round Robin (aka Big Dill).  See all the information on the Sequim Picklers Round Robin (aka Big Dill) flyer.


 Novice Trainers Needed:

We need a few patient members to give us a hand, to be willing to show up to do sign-ups and to give guidance to the steady stream of good folks who wish to give our sport a try, and to ensure that they have fun doing it.

     Our novice sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays, noon to 1:30. If you are willing to help in this worthy effort to grow our sport, please give me a call or shoot me an email and we can arrange the details. Thank you in advance for your interest.

Submitted by Mary Helen Benapfl  

SAVE THE COURTS:  Dear Picklers, You may have noticed dirt, pebbles, and scratch marks on our new courts.  The dirt and pea gravel along the south fence is tracking onto the courts and is going to quickly ruin our lovely surface.  PLEASE DO NOT WALK IN THE DIRT AND PEA GRAVEL.  From the parking lot, please use the grass or the street to access the sidewalk for entrance to the courts.  Thank you! 

There is a lot going on at the courts – rated play, ladder play, novice and beginner lessons, choice play.  Check the Club Calendar and Carrie Blake Park Court Schedule and come down and play!!