Club Newsletter Nov 1, 2017

Welcome to the Sequim Picklers Club Newsletter Blog Post!!         November 1, 2017

Enjoy reading about your club!   If you have questions, please contact Jan Tatom.


  • Raves to Ben, our Director of Courts, for all the great play he has organized for the Sequim Picklers and for members of the Boys and Girls Club!
  • Kudos to the City of Sequim for all their cooperative efforts on our court-building project!
  • And Kudos to our negotiating team who has worked tirelessly with the City!  Look for the progress report on the courts; nothing but great news!
  • PCOC has been busy planning court safety procedures along with many other tasks.
  • PFC continues to find ways to add funds to our coffers.
  • Club T-shirts are still available; see Margie.
  • Remember that you get a 5% discount on anything purchased from Pickleball Central and the Club gains points toward rewards. Click here for more information and the code.

Tidbits collected by Club Communications Director Jan Tatom


As many of you know, Ben Sanders is stepping down from his Board position as Director of Courts with the Sequim Picklers.  Ben’s passion and abilities for PB cannot outweigh his bad shoulders, and he has had to say enough already.

I am sure it is incredibly hard to put programs together for the Sequim Picklers and not be able to participate in the game he loves.  Ben’s enthusiasm, generosity and countless hours of work and commitment to the SP cannot be put into a few words.  He has put in place the rating program, Winter and Spring leagues, children’s classes at the B & G club, taught clinics, and always made sure we had a place to play.  These are only a few of his accomplishments.  His programs have led to all Sequim Picklers being better players and they added to the social and fun aspects of pickleball.  The next time you see Ben, let him know how much you appreciate the things he brought to us.  I think I speak for all in saying:  Thank you, Ben! Your guidance will be missed! 

Check out the progress on the new pickleball courts; looking good!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”  
William Arthur Ward

“It takes generosity to discover the whole through others. if you realize you are only a violin, you can open yourself to the world by playing your role in a concert.”
Jacques Yves Cousteau

Thank you

Submitted by Arvo Johnson, President


  • Sundays: 9 am Open Play in Gym-Except Nov 12
    9 am Open Play Outdoors
  • Mondays: 4 pm Open Play Outdoors
    6 pm Fall League in Gym
  • Tuesdays: 4 pm Novice and Open Play Outdoors
  • Wednesdays: 4 pm Singles Outdoors
  • Thursdays: 4 pm Novice and Open Play Outdoors
  • Fridays: Noon Open Play Outdoors
  • Saturdays: 9 am Open Play Outdoors
    9 am Open Play in Gym
  • Nov. 4, 11, 12 & 18 NO GYM



Always check the Club Calendar for current information.

Submitted by Jan Tatom, Co-Director of Communications


November 1, 2017

The court site at Carrie Blake Park (CBP) has undergone extensive work during the past two months. Under the schedule C contract from the City of Sequim the entire site went from large piles of dirt to a fully level site with a 1% slope from south to north.  Our pro-bono architect, Christiane Johnson, worked tirelessly with the City to ensure that there was enough room for the larger full size 34’ x 64’ court size recommended by the USAPA.
In October the City provided us opportunities to pay now to have the current contractor (Northern Land Development) purchase, haul, install, level and compact 4 inches of gravel on the entire site using their construction equipment and big roller.  Our treasurer, Katinka Nanna, let us know that we could pay for this work without penalty on the CD in which the court funds are invested.  The SP board elected to take advantage of this opportunity to cover the site with gravel now to help it weather the winter.  The City also had an opportunity to complete the raingarden due to an excess amount of material on the construction site. They used that material to complete the raingarden to the north of the courts. They also made accommodations both to the north and south of the courts for grassy areas that can be used for spectators and or vendors during future planned tournaments. We will be working with the City to see if there are opportunities for the SP to add additional plantings to the raingarden prior to the winter.
The working partnership with the City has really been incredible.  In Dave Shreffler’s words, “I cannot begin to explain to people how different the SP relationship has been with the City than what the Sequim Family Advocates went through when we were building the Playfields.  David and Matt are tremendous partners on the courts project!”.  Gill Goodman agrees “Absolutely agree with Dave’s comments about the City’s (David and Matt) cooperation!!!   Having been a principal active participant in the unsuccessful SARC Levy and Metro actions, I can tell you many horror stories about the city’s lack of cooperation and down right attempts to put negative roadblocks in those efforts.  It is a new era/day of city cooperation and I love it.”  Matt Klontz (City Engineer/Assistant Public Work Director) and David Nakagawara (Civil Engineer, Public Works) have been our primary contacts and go-to-team at the City on this effort.  If you run into either of them tell them how appreciative you are of their efforts!  We plan to send the City an official letter recommending both for an award and or a highly complementary letter that can be placed in their personnel records.
On October 30th the City closed the original entrance to CBP and opened the newly paved entrance from the south.  The planned grassy areas were hydroseeded and sidewalks and the new ADA access walkway was completed into the park.  If you visit the park now you can fully appreciate the huge property that will make up the courts and adjacent grassy areas!
Work on the solicitation for the new courts has been completed by the SP negotiation team.  The solicitation date is delayed by one week due to the heavy City engineering load and desire to do advertisements for two projects at the same time.  The solicitation is now due to go out November 8th with a bid opening on December 4 at 2:30.  The plan is to go to City council on December 11 for final approval of a selected contractor.  Our desire to select a contractor before the end of the calendar year is to meet the final requirement of the anonymous challenge grant.  The notice for the contractor to proceed will be some time in early March with a pad pour date in early April.  The pad then requires 28 days to cure prior to final surfacing (color paint) and line painting. Courts should be ready for play during the month of May!

Submitted by Charlie Pugh, Vice President


Message to the membership:
Most of you would have heard by now of my resignation from the DOCO position, and necessarily the Board of Directors and my USAPA Ambassadorship in the Pacific NW Region (Sequim)
I treasure the well-wishes and positive comments from all of you.  
But, I’m not “leaving”.  I am taking a new direction with something I think I can physically do.  I will still be around, especially during the seasons which I am not as involved in my new endeavor.  Remember, I am a “life member”.  
I can tell you that I hope we do not regress as a Club..  Once, a social club that played pickleball, we are now a Pickleball Club that is social.  
We are respected on the local and National pickleball scene for our club culture, proactive approaches to difficult organizational issues, fund-raising, youth involvement, instruction and diversified play formats…all of which have been OUR goals from the beginning.  This could NOT have been accomplished without the direct input from YOU, as well as the Board of Directors, which has supported me all along the way.
I am proud of our accomplishments and all of you have a reason to be also…YOU DID THIS!
Hail to Sequim!  Hail to Port Townsend!  Hail to Port Angeles!
…see ya!
The SP rocks!

Submitted by Ben Sanders, Director of Court Operations


We submitted a $10,000 grant request to the Port of Port Angeles under the Port Community Partner Program.  On October 11 we were asked to give an administrative review of our request to ensure that it met Port requirements for the program.  We met with Holly Hariell who administers the grant program.  We were told that our grant request does meet one aspect under the port program (tourism) and we will be presenting our request to the Port Commissioners tentatively on November 21st.  
A huge shout out to JoAnne Yerkes for her outstanding work in submitting a First Federal Grant application for $25,000 in August, 2017.  JoAnne just received a phone call from First Federal stating that they have approved a grant for us in the amount of $5,000 with no challenge restrictions.   My awesome co-chair Dave Katz, provided us with information of a grant opportunity through Walmart’s Community Grant Opportunity Program. Walmart believes in operating globally and giving back locally – thus creating an impact in the neighborhood where they live and work.  Awarded grants range from $250 – $2,500.  I met with Wendy, the Assistant Manager of the local Sequim Walmart and gave her an informal presentation of who we are and our partnership with the City of Sequim in the construction of the public pickleball courts in Carrie Blake Park.  Wendy said our involvement with the Boys and Girls Club in teaching the kids to play the sport and holding several youth clinics met the criteria of their program.  An application has been submitted for $2,500 and is in review.  Our next PFC meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, December 5, 2017. All members are invited to attend. Contact Ruby or Dave for details.

Submitted by Ruby Pugh, PFC Co-Chairman



Submitted by Cathy Hathaway, Membership Chair


We are pleased to note that the Challenge Grant Extension Option has added $4,372.00 to the capital fund. These funds will be used for bleachers, shade canopies, water fountain, storage shed, brooms etc.
Please thank the following individuals for taking advantage of this opportunity of becoming a Silver member.

Kathy Benedict
Suchit Hart
Patricia Knapp
Robert Knapp

Chuck Madden
Debbie Madden
Phil Milliman
Robert Olson
Remember it is not too late to upgrade from a Bronze to a Silver status and take advantage of this incentive.  The “Silver” level membership includes:

  • No annual dues FOREVER (which may be $100 annually once the new courts are operational)
  • No pay-to-play FOREVER.  You can play for FREE FOREVER! (It is anticipated that players below the Bronze level will pay $5 per play session.  If you play twice a week for 40 weeks that is already $400 annually.)
  • Free league play FOREVER.
  • Permanent acknowledgement at the courts, memorializing you helped made these courts a reality.
  • And of course the pride you will have of being a part of such a great endeavor – tournament quality courts for the City of Sequim.


For any questions, please call Katinka Nanna 360-681-8554 or email her at

Submitted by Katinka Nanna, Treasurer


The Pickleball Court Operations Committee (PCOC), also known as “the peacocks” has been busy since forming in May of 2017.

Here’s some of our accomplishments/projects to date:
· B&GC Reserved Days: PCOC published a position statement on use of the B&GC gym and suggestions for communication and financial accounting. 
· Youth Outreach: Ben Sanders (DOC) has instituted a tremendously popular program of youth clinics at the B&GC gym using SP volunteers. The program aligns with our mission and creates community/connection.
· 3rd & Fir Playground Use: Dave Shreffler is in regular communication with the Sequim School District to determine days/times that SP can use the courts.
· 3rd & Fir Summer Schedule: DOC juggled a busy summer of group play at 3rd & Fir … open, novice, singles, rated, etc. with an emphasis on striving to allow time for each rated level, new people, classes/clinics, and social time. Whewwww!
· Club Exchange Program: DOC and volunteers conducted two exchange programs with local clubs. This annual program spreads awareness and goodwill – beneficial for grants, tournaments, community connection.
· Complaints Protocol: PCOC has asked to be the venue for discussion of any complaints related to courts, court operations, and injuries/accidents/incidents.  
· Court Protocols: Susan Smith took the lead on a much overdue update of the Club’s Court Protocols. Thank you, Susan!
· Court Safety/Emergency Procedures: Debbie Madden is leading an effort to develop emergency procedures and ICE (in case of emergency) cards for SP play at all venues.
· AED Training: Debbie is also coordinating AED training for the Club. Stay tuned for dates/times.
· Signs for new courts: At the request of the Pickleball Facilities Committee, PCOC is taking the leading on developing court numbering/emergency procedures/court rules & schedule signs for the 8 courts at Carrie Blake.

PCOC is currently in transition
Sadly, we’ve lost two key committee members. Ben Sanders has resigned as Director of Courts and PCOC committee member.  Susan Smith has stepped down from PCOC due to a new job and other volunteer commitments.  At our PCOC meeting on November 16th, we will be discussing the addition of new peacock members and next steps.

Kudos to Ben
Ben has given selflessly of his time, energy, and enthusiasm. It’s been an honor serving the Club with him. The man seemingly never sleeps, and he’s been all pickleball all the time for this Club. PCOC wishes him the best as he pursues other passions.

Submitted by Dave Shreffler, PCOC Chairman


Dear Sequim Picklers,
Your Pickleball Courts Operations Committee (PCOC) is rolling out the first phase of the Courts Safety / Emergency Plan – be it indoor, outdoor or at the new courts.
Details are below. If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Madden or Dave Shreffler. Watch our Court Safety page for more phases of the plan in the coming months!  

CPR and AED Training
Over the past year, we’ve seen a number of stories regarding pickleball players having heart attacks on the courts, and some ending tragically when the club or facility was not prepared to handle it.  We are fortunate that the Boys and Girls Club gym has, and the new courts will have, an AED machine (Automated External Defibrillator).  We want to be prepared at both faculties for those emergencies.  There are loads of stats on how the use of the AED and CPR can make all the difference in the first few minutes of an emergency, and how that saves lives.

Here is our plan:
• All members interested and willing should take a CPR/AED class at the Clallam County Fire District #3 fire station.
• There is a public CPR/AED training every 1st Thursday of the month from 6:30 – 9:00.
• You have to call or drop in to sign up so they can plan space.
• Class is free, unless you want an official CPR card, then you have to pay $10 (that’s their cost to get the Red Cross to issue the card).  You can get a free card from the Clallam FD.
• Once you take the class, notify Dave Shreffler or Debbie Madden.
• In April, if we need a final push to get a good percentage of members trained, we’ll organize a training to be held at the Boys & Girls Club just for Sequim Picklers.
• We’ll plan refresher training 2-3 times a year at the new courts; the first will be conducted shortly after the new courts are opened.
We’ll be keeping a list of trained ‘first responders’ at the courts – this information will be used with our In Case of Emergency (ICE) cards and processes – soon to be published.
Thank you for your attention and support of this important step for our club’s safety program.

Submitted by PCOC Chair, Dave Shreffler

In Case of Emergency (ICE) – Cards and Instructions

The Pickleball Courts Operations Committee (PCOC) is implementing the next phase of the Sequim Picklers Court Safety and Emergency plan. (First phase was AED Training Plan).

By mid-November, the ICE cards will be available for members. The ICE card box will be kept with the Director of Courts and brought out during each group play session. It is recommended that each member, especially those that play regularly, fill out a card. This information will be critical during an emergency and for the EMTs should they be called in. We will maintain one set at the Boys and Girls Club Gym and one set at 3rd and Fir.

 If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Madden or Dave Schreffler.

Next phase to the Sequim Picklers Court Safety and Emergency plan: Court First Aid Kits.

Submitted by Debbie Madden, PCOC


Hey all you new members…….(and a few of you old hold outs).  I still have most sizes and styles available.  Now’s the time to show your enthusiasm for the club and the game.
Only $20.00 each, and the proceeds go to the new courts.  I will have them available when I am at the courts or you can contact me at 509-999-7345 or Don’t be the only one who doesn’t have a T-Shirt as we get closer to the opening of our new courts!  Thanks for supporting Sequim Picklers.

Submitted by Margie Rone, Board Member