Club Ratings

It has come to my attention that there may be some confusion around our club ratings scale or just questions in general regarding ratings.  I wanted to give you some information on our club ratings and how they may differ from USAPA tournament ratings scale.

First, within any rating scale there are sometimes 3-5 tiers. Such as, a 3.0 player might come across another 3.0 player that they can easily beat or be easily beaten by.  This is because there are low, medium and high level 3.0’s within that one ranking level.  This goes for every level from 2.5 – 5.0.

Second, club level ratings, including ours, are often a little skewed on the high side because of the personal connection to the players and who is doing the rating.  It is human nature.

Third, geographical areas can sometimes have a different view of what a certain level may be compared to another geographical area.  For example, a 3.5 player from a small pickleball community, like Sequim, might be a 3.0 in Florida or Arizona due to a higher player density and competitive setting with so many tournaments available.

In conclusion, our club rating system is to help our club differentiate our player membership.  This way, we can place similarly skilled players within groups for competitive, fun match ups.  So, when traveling to play in other tournaments, I would play in a half point lower category than my club rating unless you are secure in your abilities.  Once you play a few tournaments outside of our area, you will have a very accurate idea if your club rating is accurate and if you need to adjust what level you are playing in.

I hope this may clear up any confusion out there and pickle on.

Doug Hastings