Club Newsletter June 2018

Welcome to the Sequim Picklers Club Newsletter Blog Post!!         June 2018

Enjoy reading about your club!   If you have questions, please contact Jan Tatom.


There are many exciting events happening within the Club, so here are a few highlights:

1.  Club Logo Contest is still accepting entries.  Get yours in soon!

2.  The Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony at the new courts has been delayed.

3.  The Annual Meeting is on June 10.  It will feature a Dessert ContestRaffle, Celebration, Election, and Potluck.

4.  The NEW COURTS are progressing; concrete is poured and fencing is being installed. 

5.  Thanks to Bob Sester for burning the weeds on and around the courts at Third and Fir.  More work is scheduled.

6.  Many success stories are coming in regarding the tournament in Centralia; congratulations to our members who placed!

7.  Thanks to those members stepping up to run for Board positions!

Submitted by Jan Tatom,  Director of Communications


We have had a great year filled with accomplishments and I look forward to celebrating those accomplishments with you at our Annual Meeting on June 10!  What could be better than sharing good food with good friends prior to moving into the business at hand?  There are still decisions to be made and work to be done, but Sequim Picklers can be counted on to step up to the tasks.  Thank you for all you have done, and thanks to those who will be stepping up to serve.  You are all appreciated!

Submitted by Arvo Johnson, President


Here is an update on the Sequim Pickler LOGO contest.  So far we have received 3 entries from one Sequim pickler.  I know there are other creative editors out there who are working on their entries and just want to remind them that the deadline is June 4th. 

The old LOGO is attached for reference only.  Time to take an afternoon and crunch out your best work that will be exhibited on our future shirts, hats, and letterhead!

Get your creative juices flowing.

The rules of this contest are simple:

  1. Final LOGO needs to be provided in JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats
  2. You have final creative freedom, just remember that your logo must be suitable for letterhead, T-shirts, hats, and other Pickleball stuff
  3. Deadline for entries to be judged is Monday June 4th.  Final judging and voting will take place at our June 10th Annual meeting.
  4. Send your fabulous entry to
  5. Fabulous PRIZE – The winner of this contest will be forever known as the “LOGO winner” and will have the pleasure of seeing their work on all our future clothing and letters.  That is until the next contest.  Ha Ha.

This contest begins NOW.

Work your magic, and Good Luck to the future LOGO winner.

Go here for ideas:

Submitted by Charlie Pugh, Vice President


This is an exciting year for us.  While the contractors are busy building the courts, the ceremony committee, consisting of Patricia Knapp, Pat Joersz, Glynda Ball and myself have been diligently working on the agenda for the official grand opening of the 8 new pickleball courts in Carrie Blake Park.

I’m sure some of you have heard that the ribbon-cutting ceremony was going to be held in the latter part of June. That was the plan until our last meeting with the City on May 15 met with a small hiccup.  The weather delayed the concrete pour of the south courts.  The contractors are still trying to aim for completion by the end of June but the city is asking for a little wiggle room so the contractors won’t feel rushed.

Our tentative date for the official opening is now Wednesday, July 25, 2018 at 11:00 am.  There will be an official invitation to all Sequim Picklers, key contributors and stake holders, which will be sent out via email 30 days prior to the actual date.

Stay tuned, mark your calendar, and keep your eyes open for this important email.

Submitted by Ruby Pugh, Committee Chair


Sequim Picklers Annual Meeting

And Party!

Appreciation Celebration!

June 10th, 1 – 5:00

Pioneer Park

You are all Stars!


The Board Members: We appreciate the fabulous outgoing Board and the new incoming Board members.  What an amazing group of people and look what has been accomplished.  Vote on the new Board Members along with the proposed update to Bylaws.  Your vote matters.  Watch for the meeting agenda.

The Membership: All of you have contributed in so many ways to this club.  Congratulations and thank you!


 NEW Courts!

Dessert Contest: The challenge is on.  Bring your best dessert and see how it stacks up.  There will be 5 fun judges. A “Ross Original Trophy” awarded for first place, and prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

Potluck: Yummy food! (by first letter of last name) Appetizers, A-J. Side dishes, K-R. Main dishes, S-Z.

Beer Kegger: Compliments of Dick and Katinka Nanna.  Non-alcoholic drinks provided.


Break the piggy bank and buy lots of tickets to win a New Selkirk Paddle, or a Pickleball paddle bag, or some other great items.  $2.00 a ticket.  Must be present to win.  Winners will be announced at the end of the meeting.  Money raised will help fund amenities at the NEW Courts. Yeah!

Don’t Miss this important meeting!

Margie Rone and Fabulous Committee

Submitted by Margie Rone, Board-Member-At-Large



  • Sundays: 9 am Open Play in Gym. 
    9 am Open Play Outdoors
  • Mondays: 4 pm Open Play Outdoors
    6 pm Play in Gym – check calendar
  • Tuesdays: 4 pm Novice and Open Play Outdoors
  • Wednesdays: 4 pm Singles Outdoors
  • Thursdays: 4 pm Novice and Open Play Outdoors
  • Fridays: Noon Open Play Outdoors
  • Saturdays: 9 am Open Play in Gym.  9 am Open Play Outdoors.
  • School is out June 15!!  Check the calendar for changes to open play at 3rd & Fir.  

Always check the Club Calendar for current information.










Hello from the construction court site!  We are almost to the finish line.  The biggest part of the construction has been completed, which was the concrete slab.  After the fencing is installed, and before the final paint is applied, the concrete slab will be tested for low spots using a water hose.  This is a standard procedure to ensure any water from rain or cleaning the play surface will drain properly.  There will be little uneven areas that will be patched up and prepped for the final court finish.  Let’s hope for another stretch of good weather.  We need it so the paint can go on without any blemishes.

Submitted by Christiane Ganss-Johnson, Architect


 Submitted by Cathy Hathaway, Membership Chair


A link to our financial information will be sent in a separate email when that information becomes available.

Submitted by Katinka Nanna, Treasurer


From the DOCO’s Corner 

Sunglasses on!  Summer is here! 

Sunglasses, check.  Sunscreen, check.  Water bottle, check. Playing pickleball in the summer sunshine, PRICELESS! 

It’s finally here!  Summer that is and with it, MORE opportunities to play.  Sequim schools will be out for summer break starting June 15th meaning the courts at 3rd and Fir will be available for play 7 days a week.  Keep checking the calendar posted on the web page for organized play times. Just a heads up – As of this time, there has been no request by the school for us to discontinue play there because of construction work that will be starting on the adjacent building.  Please be aware of any signs that may be posted to avoid the area or if you are asked to vacate by workers, do so in a respectful manner.  We are visitors there and hope to continue a positive relationship with the school district regardless if we use those courts or not. 


Our Spring league has ended, and Monday nights will now revert to “competitive” open play.  This means that while it is open play like Saturday and Sundays, it is less social with a higher emphasis on strategy and skills.  Over the next month or so, we will try out a couple of new formats, have another skills night, and we are working on organizing a “ranking” night for our members.  I will be sending out more information on this as it becomes available. 


We need your help!  We have some events that are approaching and will be needing volunteers.  Our club runs and operates because of the endless number of hours that are donated by our members.  It’s easy to forget just how much goes into organizing a club of this size. 

We will have a volunteer signup sheet at the Annual Meeting and what jobs are available.  Let’s all chip in and do our part to help continue making this club a success. 

That’s all for now and I hope to see you all on the courts! Pickle On! 

Submitted by Christy Marazon, Director of Court Operations

Pickleball Court Operations Committee (PCOC)

The PCOC has been very busy in May. Here’s a rundown of recent and ongoing tasks:

·        We ordered an AED and waterproof cabinet for the new courts.

·        We ordered the final court number signs, court rules & schedule sign, etc. for the new courts.

·        We ordered a lockable display case where the monthly court schedule will be on display for the public.

·        We received approval from the City for the time slots that are reserved for SP play at the new courts.  Play activities during those time slots still tbd (see below).

·        We have been in weekly communication with the School District about when play at 3rd & Fir must stop due to building demolition and removal of the storage shed.

·        At our May 8th PCOC meeting:

  We developed some court protocol recommendations for the DOCO to try implementing at the Boys & Girls Club to help reduce wait times.

  We recommended that the DOCO write up a statement about the “intent of the 3.5-4.0 court” to provide to the membership.

  We recommended that the DOCO write up a statement for the membership regarding ranking protocols and also move toward establishing a ranking committee.

  We discussed available dates for a summer kids clinic outdoors at the new courts.

  The Assistant DOCO agreed to work on clearing out the shed at 3rd and Fir and storing our items elsewhere as the school building and the shed will be demolished soon.  A note will be going out to the membership letting them know when.

  The DOCO explored many alternatives for indoor play, but so far no viable options have emerged.  The search continues.

 The next PCOC meeting is Tuesday, June 5th at 6pm at Mary Helen Benapfl’s house.  The top agenda item is discussion of play activities during the time slots reserved for SP play at the new courts.

Submitted by Dave Shreffler, PCOC Chairman


Hey all you new members…….(and a few of you old hold outs).  I still have most sizes and styles available.  Now’s the time to show your enthusiasm for the club and the game.
Only $10.00 each, and the proceeds go to the new courts.  I will have them available when I am at the courts or you can contact me at 509-999-7345 or  Don’t be the only one who doesn’t have a T-Shirt as we get closer to the opening of our new courts!  Thanks for supporting Sequim Picklers.

Submitted by Margie Rone, Board Member