Volunteer Opportunities in the Club

The Sequim Picklers’ Club is growing and the opportunity to serve is growing too!  We are always seeking volunteers to assist with events, support a task, or take on a role longer term.  Please visit this page often to see what there is to do and how you can help!  See our Board Job Descriptions.





The Sequim Picklers club has been through some crazy growth this past year; we’ve opened the new courts, held a regional tournament, and offered play options for all levels.  Everything you see, hear and experience about pickleball in Sequim happened because of the Sequim Picklers.

We are a WA State charitable organization holding a contract with the City of Sequim managing a membership of 190 who use and maintain a $250,000 asset we funded and built.  That’s huge!!

ALL of that was done by dedicated volunteers who love pickleball and were wiling to spend the hours it took to get the job done.  Many of those hearty souls have been involved since the beginning, before there was an official club and when fundraising was the highest priority.

Today, thanks to all those people, the club is fiscally strong with a great reputation both locally and regionally.  We’ve got some great momentum and the future looks amazing!

The Club needs your help.  

With this growth and maturity comes the need for even more club members to participate.  Specifically, we are looking for someone to be the Volunteer Coordinator.

The Volunteer Coordinator will report to the Membership Chair and assist with messages to the board and membership.  The Volunteer Coordinator will solicit, manage and assign volunteers to activities as they come up throughout the year.  This includes tournaments, member meetings and social events, and when specialized tasks for a specific skill set is needed.  We’re looking for someone that likes working with and organizing people, is a good communicator and is comfortable on the computer.  You won’t be managing the activities – just a pool of people!  

This club runs on volunteers, so this might be the most important job we have!  If you have a few hours a month you can spare to help keep this great club humming along, please contact Warren Mecca.  If you want more information about how you can help, either as the Volunteer Coordinator or as a volunteer, please contact a Board Member – we’re happy to get the volunteer pool list started!

Submitted by Debbie Madden, Vice President 4/15/19


Sequim Pickler’s Adopt-A-Highway

The Sequim Picklers have adopted the 2-mile stretch of Highway 101 between Dryke and Shore under the State’s Adopt-A-Highway Program.  Four clean-ups a year are required, the first one was accomplished with an enthusiastic team in January 2019.  A Spring clean-up is required during the month of April every year.  Not only does this effort beautify our home, it generates goodwill for SP as the State will acknowledge our efforts with Adopt-A-Highway sponsor signs.

Volunteers must be 15 years or older.  WDOT provides vests, bags, signs, pickup sticks, and a safety training video.  If you are interested in participating in this club-sponsored project, email sequimpicklers@gmail.com and you will be added to the contact list for all future SP Adopt-A-Highway  events.

 Read the April 27th Report and consider volunteering in July.  4/27/19.



Hello, Friends,

Many months ago, well before we got our sparkling new courts, Ruby and I began a modest program to introduce newcomers to our wonderful game. We offer limited free court time, explanation of the rules, a little coaching, and a lot of encouragement. But most importantly, the novices benefit from the opportunity to play pickleball in an environment more dedicated to learning and trying than to sheer competition.

     Our little program has been successful beyond our expectations, with many participants electing permanent memberships. And if I may say so, we have all had a really good time. These people have a lot of fun learning the game.

     But it ends up that we have life beyond pickleball and won’t always be available. We need a few patient members to give us a hand, to be willing to show up to do sign-ups and to give guidance to the steady stream of good folks who wish to give our sport a try, and to ensure that they have fun doing it.

     Our novice sessions are scheduled on Tuesdays and Thursdays, noon to 1:30. If you are willing to help in this worthy effort to grow our sport, please give me a call or shoot me an email and we can arrange the details. Thank you in advance for your interest.

Mary Helen Benapfl



Please Contact Us if you are interested in a position.